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I got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!! *jumps up and down like she's on a poga stick(but she isn't)* Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!! And guess WHERE?? JOANNES!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! And I like the people there, they're friendly, and I get to start in my fav section, crafts/beading!!!!! I'm so delighted. It just feels so productive to have a job. I start next Monday. Oh YEAH!!! Oh, the interview was today, and Sarah (manager) called me only 2 hours after the interview to tell me I had the job. I could tell she liked me. And after all I do know what I'm talking about. *delighted grin*

And tonight Ben and I went to Hancock Fabrics (his idea!) shopping for fabric for my dress... well, I was shopping, he was drifting in my wake. Then I had nachos from none other than taco bell, and THEN we went to B&N/Starbucks to talk about our stories (and our pre-marriage budget (a far more appealing topic now that I have a job)) and I got a venti white mocha with creme de menthe. Oh yum.

Now I have to sleep, 'cause I have to get up early to take Gabe & William to school, and I have to stay up after that to prepare my presentation for art class tomorrow... and to look over the stuff for my science quiz. And MAYBE do one of the 2 science labs due Thursday.

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