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not pro-life -- pro-education

This might surprise some of you, but

I am not pro-life.

I don't think abortion should be illegal.

Why? Because I think there is a far greater crime being committed against women everyday, which cannot be remedied by making abortion illegal. Making it illegal would only exacerbate the problem -- because the problem is that abortionists keep women ignorant. We desperately need strict requirements applied by law to keep this disgusting deceit from going on.

1) "It's a blob of tissue." They don't always say this, I'm sure, but they are careful not to tell the woman that this is a baby, and careful to refer to the baby as tissue or something neutral. This flies in the face of science. A baby has it's own DNA from conception, and by the time the woman knows she is pregnant, the unborn baby has a beating heart. That's not an argument anymore in the world of science -- just among the uninformed public. For the woman to make an informed decision, she needs to know exactly what is happening -- she is preventing a baby from continuing life.

2) "It's not a big deal -- it's just like having your tonsils taken out." A few facts -- 1 in 24 (4.1%) have experienced immediate medical complications. (These have included severe bleeding, infection, perforation of the uterus, and part of the baby being retained.) (Canadian Journal of Public Health 1982; 73:396-400).... Women who've had a previous abortion have a 200% increased risk of miscarriage after two or more abortions. (Journal of the American Medical Association 1980; 243:2495-9) 1st trimester miscarriages when later trying to have the child you want increases 85%. Tubal pregnancies increase 400-800%. Labor problems increase 47%. Delivery problems increase 83%. Premature birth the #1 cause of infant mortality and mental retardation increases 300-500%. [quoted from ] There are more, but you get the picture -- it's a very dangerous procedure.
Don't you think women should be warned about all this? Don't you think they have a right to know? Why don't the doctors tell them? I'll tell you why not -- they're afraid you won't want the abortion and they won't get your money. This is blatantly wrong -- in real medicine the doctor tells you every possible side effect; s/he is required by law to do so!

3) "" (silence) They don't tell you that your heart will be scarred. They don't tell you that you'll suffer from guilt. A Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota studied the long-range effects of abortion on women. 10 years afterward she found that 81% of those women were still preoccupied with that aborted child. 10 years later 73% had flash-backs of their abortion experience. 10 years later 69% still remember after the abortion the feeling that what they had done was insane. 10 years later 54% still had nightmares. 10 years later 35% said that sometime during that time, they perceived a visitation from that child!

4) "" (silence again) They don't speak of any other solution. They don't tell you that so many couples in the US are desperate to have a child, and are on waiting lists that can last as much as six to eight years. They never ever mention adoption. (refer to #1) They don't offer any information on how you could get help during your pregnancy and afterwards. They don't want to help you -- they want your money.

5) "Hurry!" Abortions get more expensive by the week, and abortionists know that if you think it over, you might think yourself right out of an abortion. They want your money, so they use salesman tactics to get it. Their "counselors" are trained to sell.

6) "Yep, you're pregnant." I don't know the statistics, but from reading an abortionist's autobiography I do know that a fair amount of abortions are performed on women who are not pregnant. Again, if there were strict regulations like there are in every other area of medicine, this wouldn't happen. (at least not so often)

----this is by no means a comprehensive list -- just what I could think of right now.

I believe that if women just knew what abortion is, what it does to their bodies and spirits, and how there are other options, so very very many would choose not to have an abortion -- even if only for the reason that they don't want the health problems. And I've heard heartbreaking stories of women who didn't really want an abortion, but were pressured into it and went along 'cause everyone said it was the best choice... or stories of women who honestly believed that the baby wasn't yet a baby, and wouldn't have had an abortion had they known... I can't stand the idea that a woman would be tricked into having an abortion.

And making abortion illegal would just make all this worse -- because only the unscrupulous doctors would do it, and women would have even less information available to them.

Furthermore, pro-lifers need to spend their time and money informing women and offering them other solutions, rather than trying to get abortion outlawed.

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