Belenen (belenen) wrote,

could-be safety

icon: "slytherin (a closeup of the Slytherin crest: a rearing silver serpent in front of a green background patterned in stylized waves of water and plush upholstery)"

there are reasons to fear me
I am a clawed, fanged creature
with no shame
and far too much emotion
I will bite
(if you should earn it)
I'm brimming with fight
If you don't know yet
you'll learn it

but here I am
neck exposed
claws sheathed
all I want
is to
all I want
I want

is to wrap you up in all my warmth
and all my softness
velveted paws pressing calm into you
heavy tail encircling you
so close

let's curl together tight,
a little whirlwind of our breath between us
a sheen of sweat from the heat of our connection

my skin shudders from the near-touch of almost-electricity
sometimes I have to close my eyes and hold my breath
to keep from losing myself

reaching that edge is
a coming to know myself
I feel fully awake
fully sensate
present --
my consciousness is only barely contained within my body
it pushes at the seams
and I can feel everything
and it's somehow not too much

for once it's not too much
for a moment
Tags: connections, poetry, spirit connections

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