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November 1 at 3:06am ·
For me the worst loss is the loss of what could have been. To have & lose is a pain I can mourn & release, but to miss the chance...

November 1 at 1:46pm ·
I'm trapped in bed by a purring weight on me. Uncomfortable and hungry, but Kanika is happy and I don't want to disturb them...

November 1 at 2:26pm ·
What causes you to make someone a priority, where you work to connect? Asking because it's clear to me that my motivations are abnormal. Please include any relevant factor, including distance, blood or law relation, ease, etc.

November 1 at 6:33pm ·
Needed armour today. [image: me wearing colorful makeup incl. an abstract pattern of lime green glitter on one cheek]

November 1 at 7:06pm ·
#gratitude 42/181: Topaz gifted me a ticket to see Sia, one of my favoritest favorite artists!!! We're on our way now!!!

November 1 at 7:43pm ·
#gratitude 43/181: got upgraded to waaaay better seats for freeeeee!!! #luckluckluck omg Sia omg omg

November 1 at 7:56pm ·
This opener is highlighting why I have to read lyrics to know them. Sounds like "genny day dah take of site now stoo ka tay oo now e ow bay"

November 1 at 8:06pm ·
The opener just had everyone shout "fuck donald trump" okay you get points for that, otherwise-unintelligible dude. *hearts!*

November 4 at 1:06am ·
#gratitude 44/181: an encouraging note from a once-and-possibly-future coworker about that ideal job. Hoping very hard!

November 4 at 1:10am ·
#gratitude 45/181: email from a job I interviewed for -- they'd filled that position but had a different one to offer, set up an interview.

November 4 at 1:12am ·
#gratitude 46/181: LJ Idol is having a tenth season and I've joined! Hoping to keep myself active despite stress and winter.

November 4 at 11:48am ·
Anyone have access to a moving truck or trailer or something and could help a friend of mine move on the 12th? We have people to help move stuff but no vehicle.

November 4 at 12:30pm ·
#gratitude 47/181: slept very deeply last night, 10 hours. I needed that healing rest. Dreamed of doors, locks, fleeing, & british gardens.

November 4 at 11:01pm ·
So today was my first full day without my ADD meds and I didn't cry at all, so that's a relief. Crossing my fingers for insurance soon.

November 5 at 12:05am ·
I think I may change my name again. Officially I will make the same legal change but I may go by a different part of it. Hm.

November 5 at 2:21am ·
#gratitude 50/181: decided today that I won't tolerate my sometimes-supervisor's dominance games and suddenly felt less crushed by them. I'm not staying at this job forever. You can take your petty attempts to cow me and swallow them.

November 5 at 11:08pm ·
Drunk enough to slur speech but not enough to not care; exactly the wrong amount! Blehhhh!
Ask me questions · 11-6, 12:14am
[comment thread]
Cass P.: If you had to let go of all of your convictions except for one, which would it be and why?
· - · 11-6, 12:20am
Me: Consent! Def #1
· - · 11-6, 12:25am

Cass P.: What's your favorite food flavor? What about your accidental/environmental one?
· - · 11-6, 12:20am
Me: Fav food: salsa. If stripped down probably pepper?
I don't understand the additional question
· - · 11-6, 12:23am
Cass P.: non-food. a person's sweat, or the sweet flavor in your mouth after exercise, or like the taste of metal when you push yourself, or...?
· - · 11-6, 12:25am
Me: Oh. The taste in my mouth when I've exerted myself and drink water. Or icicles or licking a dewdropped leaf.
· - · 11-6, 12:26am

Cass P.: What's your favorite physical feeling? Emotional feeling?
· - · 11-6, 12:22am
Me: Physical: warmth mmm warm. Emotional: learning! New realization! I was wrong about a thing and New Idea opens new paths.
· - · 11-6, 12:24am

Cass P.: If you had to pick a single thing that breaks your heart the most, personally right now, what would it be?
· - · 11-6, 12:26am
Me: Someone I'm in love w who is preoccupied w everything else.
· - · 11-6, 12:27am

Cass P.: P.s. I'm also tipsy right now. Yay, questions!
· - · 11-6, 12:27am

Kara W.: What one thing do you wish that the people that you read on FB and LJ would do that you do not see them doing right now?
· - · 11-6, 12:29am
Me: Be more open, talk more about thought processes.
· - · 11-6, 12:32am
Kara W.: <3
· - · 11-6, 12:33am

Cass P.: If you were an instrument what would you be? And if you could choose to be a musical instrument, which one would you be? If they are different, why?
· - · 11-6, 12:32am
Me: I would be a glass armonica, and that is what i would choose, but hm i don't think they'd be different . glass armonica made people faint and go 'mad.'
· - · 11-6, 12:35am
Cass P.: Did it? I didn't know that. When?
· - · 11-6, 12:36am
Me: Um 1900s? As soon as it was invented and in concert halls.
· - · 11-6, 12:50am
Cass P.: Huh!
· - · 11-6, 12:51am

Cass P.: You're in the natural setting that calls most to you. You feel a magical moment. It's a sirens call. It reads you in your core and entices you more than anything else ever could. But it manages to do that only in a single repeated phrase. What does it say?
· - · 11-6, 12:46am · Edited
Me: We are here, we are here.
· - · 11-6, 12:49am
Cass P.: <3
· - · 11-6, 12:50am
Me: Wonderful question.
· - · 11-6, 12:51am
Cass P.: That's a lovely compliment from you. :)
· - · 11-6, 12:56am

Adi H.: If you could manipulate time what would you do with that power.
· - · 11-6, 1:11am
Me: Ummm... i would put bad people in about-to-die-scenarios. Trump on the edge of a cliff. Watch the fall #nooffense #justsayin
· - · 11-6, 1:16am
Me: :-* by which of course i mean offense intended die already
· - · 11-6, 1:45am
Adi H.: Fantastic!
· - · 11-6, 2:15am

Sharon M.: Same here
· - · 11-6, 1:43am
Me: *mows at you*
· - · 11-6, 1:47am
Sharon M.: Apparently it's coming off as guilt when playing vampire
· - · 11-6, 1:49am
Sharon M.: Zombies I mean, lol
· - · 11-6, 1:49am

Jacqueline B.: Darn, I was asleep. I missed the fun.
· - · 11-6, 7:36am

November 6 at 12:23am ·
Mowr mowr want love! Pets plssssss

November 6 at 3:03am ·
So tiredbelenen *dissolves*

November 7 at 1:34pm ·
I'm voting before work tomorrow. If you're voting, pay close attention to ballot measures and local officials! That's where your vote matters most!

November 7 at 2:43pm ·
Vote NO on ballot measure 1 in GA if you don't want to make education access even more dependent on wealth. care about poor kids? vote NO.

November 8 at 11:52am ·
Susan B. Anthony & Anna Howard Shaw were anti-black racists so I don't want to hear any praise of them #noneofusarefree #untilallofusarefree

November 8 at 5:53pm ·
[image: vintage video still of a pontificating white woman in a white sash and straw hat, with a brown woman in a cap and apron (maid's uniform?) looking at her with a wtf expression]
Suffragettes Who Mixed White Supremacy With Women's Rights

November 8 at 10:07pm ·
Some future day, I will make it to payday without dropping below $20 in my bank account. This week it's lookin like $10 - more than usual!

November 8 at 11:11pm ·
I relate to androids more than humans almost every single time I see them portrayed. *sigh*

November 9 at 12:15am ·
Maybe this will knock smug complacent "it gets better" liberals into fucking action, into fucking realizing that progress is NOT inevitable.

November 9 at 1:16am ·
This is not a sudden turn of public opinion: this is revealing that amerikkka is mostly white supremacist sexists. NOT mostly good people.

So get your heads out of your rectums and stop pretending that all the bad shit that happens is "a few bad eggs." No. Bad cops are the norm. Racism is the norm. Sexism is the norm. Hatred of trans people is the norm. Face it. ACT ON IT.

November 9 at 2:04am ·
If you withhold information because you think it might cause someone to not have sex with you, that's coercion. It is not consensual sex.

November 10 at 3:27pm ·
last night's dreams were ludicrously bad. parents invaded again, 1 of my best friends got deathly-bad news, & there were maggots in my food.

November 10 at 3:53pm ·
Zoie Palmer in season 2 of Dark Matter is bringing me some much needed delight right now. Even better than Lauren in Lost Girl.

November 10 at 4:01pm ·
Omfg Lauren, Ryan the Loki, Aife, and now Dyson too??? Dark Matter is filling my Lost-Girl-fannish heart w glee. Love Canadian sci-fi shows.

November 10 at 4:10pm ·
"Aren't androids supposed to be a little more precise?" "I do know the exact probability of success. Trust me, 'hopefully' sounds better."

November 10 at 9:44pm ·
Do not tell us to hope it will turn out okay. Instead, tell us you're gonna work twice as hard to ensure justice & safety for the oppressed.

J K to me, November 11 at 8:56am:
You were in my dream last night! We cuddled and it was sweet.
Me: This makes me happy! Especially since I had shit dreams about someone giving me a horrific haircut. I've forgotten the rest now...

November 11 at 3:02pm ·
I don't thank veterans. Instead I fight to change this evil country which abused, risked, & stole their lives for rich people's interests.

I am only grateful to veterans when they tell the truth despite great pressure not to. Their lives being abused, risked, and stolen by the military industrial complex did not make me safe in any way, and I am not grateful for it. I'm angry about it.

November 12 at 1:14am ·
searching for new friends via apps is SO annoying. I'm not into wine, beer, working out, eating out, listening to you talk about your boyfriend, or (esp. not!) brunch.

Also, If you can't describe y'self w/out mentioning your significant other, that's not independent enough for me. Mentioning pets/kids is okay tho.

November 12 at 1:25am ·
Trump is not unique, not a maverick, not special in literally any way. He's plain typical of entitlement toddlers, full of tantrums & shit.

I have a strong faith in Trump's profound laziness, mediocrity, and habit of resounding failure. I can only hope it will be our salvation.

November 12 at 3:07am ·
Real organic orange juice is the fucking height of luxury. It was on sale AND had a coupon so I am gluttonously gulping a giant glass now.

November 12 at 3:20pm ·
"What'd you pick up?" "oh y'know, girl stuff: scented creams, ammunition, knives." #darkmatter

November 12 at 3:53pm ·
Holy shit I'm crying right now. Strangers just offered to pay for my name change and they're sending the money tomorrow. What. What. What???

November 12 at 3:56pm ·
[image: the letters TRP in pink and blue stripes, with the words "Trans Relief Project" under them]
These are the people who are paying for my name change. If you need help, email them. If you can afford to share, please donate to them.

November 12 at 4:29pm ·
[image: lettering on a purple blue-to-pink gradient that says:

We will pay legal fees for transgender individuals.

If you are trans and in need of monetary help with the following:

Name Changes
Birth Certificates
Updating Passports / IDs

Please visit our website for further details and to contact us.

We encourage all US-based transgender individuals to do this now, before president tr*mp takes office.

Trans Relief Project ]
Please share and include the image description! Don't leave out our blind and low-vision trans folk. #transrelief

November 12 at 5:24pm ·
it seems odd, but being ADD or on the autism spectrum is more of a factor in clicking with me than sharing any other label. #neurodivergent (I'd have thought I'd more automatically click with other queers, trans folk, or relationship anarchists)

updated their profile picture. November 12 at 6:12pm ·
[image: painting of impressionistic olive trees in greens and blues, with a temporary frame. The temporary frame has a blue triangle at the top right with the text "Trans Awareness Month" highlighted in pink and "2016" in white. At the bottom of the image is the trans flag (five horizontal stripes in blue, pink, white, pink, blue) with the text over it saying "I support trans rights" and the letters "tlc" in the middle of a subtle sunburst.]
Trans people in need of legal help, please check out the Trans Relief Project at

November 13 at 2:33pm ·
Today's my 18th spiritual birthday. I reached spiritual adulthood! (sorta) & the Universe gave me a name change for my birthday! *heartglow*

[image: photo of me in my natural dress as a rainbow's orgasm, standing with arms flung wide in a ta-da motion. I'm wearing a purple tie-dye skirt, rainbow tie-dye hipscarf, multicolor bright shirt, spring green shrug, multicolor bright headscarf, and multicolor rainbow-green tie dye jacket.]

November 13 at 8:07pm ·
I'm gonna wear a safety pin for the same reason I wear a rainbow or trans pride pin. I dunno if it will do any good but I like the symbol. And I encourage others to IFF they are prepared to act in support (not white-knight-ing) of all marginalized and oppressed groups.

November 13 at 8:21pm ·
This article contains important questions we need to ask ourselves before donning this symbol.
[image: a photo of a safety pin with text overlay saying "you are safe with me. I stand beside you."]
So You Want to Wear a Safety Pin

November 13 at 11:36pm ·
I take it back. Not doing the safety pin thing anymore because of shit like the attacks on the author of this: I don't want to be associated with it.
[image: black and white photo of soldiers photoshopped to be holding giant safety pins]

November 14 at 2:56pm ·
[image: a "feminine" presenting face, slightly tilted, with high contrast and low saturation, making their eyes appear to be completely black. Their lips are dark and their eye makeup features a spiderweb hanging below their left eye with three spiders hanging from it, and two spiders hanging from their right eye, all done in black eye liner. The temporary frame has a blue triangle at the top right with the text "Trans Awareness Month" highlighted in pink and "2016" in white.]
Click here to support Name Change!! by Indigo Sky

November 14 at 3:05pm ·
[image: photo of a a smiling black woman next to the letters "TLDEF" (banner image for the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund)]

TLDEF ( ) will provide free legal name change services to people in these cities/counties:
Albany, NY - Albany County
Buffalo, NY - Erie County
Chicago, IL - Cook County
Detroit, MI - Wayne, Oakland & Washtenaw Counties.
Macomb, Kent & Ingham Counties on a case-by-case basis
Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee County
New York City - all 5 boroughs/counties
Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia County
Pittsburgh, PA - Allegheny County
Rochester, NY - Monroe County

Please pass this on!

November 14 at 3:16pm ·
I got an official offer of employment-- contingent on passing a consumer credit check. This is stressing me out and offending me. Seems like the most passive aggressive way ever to ask "are you one of those lowerclass people who might steal the silver?" I've only ever missed payments because I literally wasn't making enough to cover everything... But that has happened at least 5 times in the past 5 years.

November 14 at 4:15pm ·
I'm shaking w frustration. I confronted someone about being a shitty friend to me for over a year. they responded by being much shittier.

November 15 at 1:11am ·
It's hard to lose me as a friend. But if you want to, tell me "I'm not gonna give any effort for you; not now, not soon, maybe not ever."

November 15 at 2:32am ·
Having the worst fucking week. Struggling to restrain myself from burning some bridges -- & towns for good measure. Sick of being lied to.

November 15 at 3:09am ·
Why did I put up w so much shit for so long? Always telling myself better days come soon. Stop doing that, self! Act in the present reality!

November 15 at 1:08pm ·
"Whoever places a relic or artifact above justice, kindness, mercy, or truth is... a devil and the thing elevated is a work of evil magic."

November 15 at 1:10pm ·
"...evil has the advantage, for it will do anything to suppress truth, but the good [one] limits what [they] will do to suppress falsehood."

November 15 at 1:13pm ·
Some of Sheri S. Tepper books are sacred to me. Rereading "The Visitor" now, nourished & strengthened by truth in myth & metaphor.

November 16 at 2:31am ·
"On principle, I never say anything that another person is obviously trying to get me to say." #parksandrec #itme

November 16 at 1:53pm ·
What do you look for to determine if another person is highly self-aware or not?

November 17 at 12:12am ·
Say my name!
As every color illuminates
We are shining
And we will never be afraid again

November 17 at 12:31am ·
When I file my legal name change, I am going to change the name I go by here and in general. James will still be my 'front name' which should be given to all unsafe people such as relatives and work relations, but I will go by a short version of my new first name. Since my new first name will be on legal documents, I will not share it publicly so as not to connect the two.

Belenen is still the truest name I share with other humans, and Bel is still an acceptable nickname IFF (if and only if) we have a connection on LJ. If not, you'll have some adjusting to do *smiles with a mixture of mischief and challenge*

November 17 at 3:29pm ·
If someone gave you a book that described your unique motives, processes, & hang-ups perfectly accurately (and bluntly), would you read it?

(like, a book written by androids who had monitored every part of your life)

November 17 at 3:44pm ·
If I host a singalong party (w music like Sia, Florence + The Machine, Beyoncé) would you attend & sing? Been wanting to do this for years.

November 17 at 4:35pm ·
Ugh I have an interview tomorrow for a job I probably won't take but can't turn down yet because I'm still waiting to hear back from the other one. Stress and lots of effort for probably nothing.

Kara H. to me, November 17 at 7:32pm ·
Did you see this? :) <3
[image is a person with blond, purple-streaked hair staring aggressively into the camera. They are wearing large earrings in the shape of a B, bright pink lipstick, a very fluffy, fuzzy top, and are set against a pink background.]

November 17 at 8:30pm ·
Tr*mp's attitude toward disabled people is horrifying and we need to be prepared to defend the few protections that have been won so far by disability justice activists. Here are some organizations you could donate to or watch to determine if there is action you can participate in:

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network "to advance the principles of the disability rights movement with regard to autism"

AAPD (American Association of People with Disabilities) "to improve the lives of people with disabilities by acting as a convener, connector, and catalyst for change, increasing the political and economic power of people with disabilities."

National ADAPT (includes many local chapters like Georgia ADAPT) "organizes disability rights activists to engage in nonviolent direct action, including civil disobedience, to assure the civil and human rights of people with disabilities to live in freedom."

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) "advance the civil and human rights of people with disabilities through legal advocacy, training, education, and public policy and legislative development."

The National Disability Rights Network "to promote the integrity and capacity of the Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Systems and the Client Assistance Programs (CAP) national network and to advocate for the enactment and vigorous enforcement of laws protecting civil and human rights of people with disabilities."

November 18 at 1:03am ·
[image: screenshot of text saying "A quick call!

Speaker Paul Ryan is doing a Phone Survey to gauge support for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) If you want to let him know your opinion of the ACA give him a call at (202) 225-3031

You will need to navigate a small phone tree to get to the right survey. Press 2 to express your opinion on the ACA. You will then listen to a description of HB 3762 a bill that President Obama vetoed earlier this year and they could not get the 2/3rds majority needed to override the veto.

At the end of that message you can choose to press 1 to support the ACA or press 2 to oppose it.]

November 18 at 9:28am ·
" between farce and tragedy lies the human emotion for hoping it will turn out alright" Róisín Murphy

November 18 at 11:26am ·
So that interview I wanted to skip today? Yeah, pretty sure I'm taking this one. Gotta wait on another background check.

November 18 at 1:15pm ·
From now on, call me Vex.

Filed my name change today!!! Court date isn't for almost three months though.

November 18 at 1:33pm ·
updated their profile picture.
[image: photo of me standing in front of a neon light and glass art installation, facing away and looking over my shoulder at the camera with a quirky smile. The installation looks like a ball of cyan blue lightning amid tall translucent reeds of violet glass. In the background is the wall of a greenhouse, and in the foreground are dark green grassy plants and large white and purple glass orbs.]
photo by Topaz

November 18 at 2:46pm ·
~ The Artist Previously Known As James O'Deorain ~

So, I've changed the name I go by among friends now -- call me Vex. Carrillo is part of my new legal name, chosen because it is my Colombian great-grandmother's maiden name and it essentially means "bold, shameless person" or "loudmouth."

Related: Maria Barbara Carillo may be a relative of mine, and she was burned at the stake during the Spanish Inquisition (at age 95!). As a child I always thought I would eventually be burned at the stake -- I now wonder if that is ancestral memory.

November 18 at 3:26pm ·
updated their cover photo.
[image: photo of a forest in fall. A tangle of grey and brown twigs fills the foreground with a few brown leaves clinging to them. A streak of light from the setting sun illuminates and paints red one brown leaf that is curled and folded around a thin branch. Also in focus is a tightly curled vine tendril. In the background are tree trunks and clouds of leaves in rose, brown, green, yellow, gold, and vermilion. A tiny patch of sky is visible through the leaves.]

Nea H.‎ to me, November 18 at 4:22pm · Espoo, Finland ·
You are amazing!

November 18 at 6:46pm ·
~ The Artist Previously Known As James O'Deorain ~

I did ALL THE FUCKIN THINGS today: went to job interview, went to the bank, filled out my name change paperwork and had it notarized, took it to the court and filed it and paid the fee, filled out background check paperwork, called and emailed about job, got car insurance quotes, and set up new insurance where I'm not overpaying. I deserve an award. *puts big rainbow sticker on cheek*

November 18 at 7:08pm ·
#gratitude 51/181: omg NEW SEASON of the 100 on Netflix! So excited!

November 18 at 7:09pm ·
#gratitude 52/181: there aren't words to express how profoundly grateful I am for being able to file my name change at last.

November 20 at 12:30am ·
I think the lil thrill in my mind at a new concept may be similar to how allosexual people feel when seeing a stranger they're attracted to.

November 20 at 1:03am ·
#gratitude 53/181: a friend telling me about a ripple effect of my activism: I shared it with the friend who shared it also *heartglow*

November 20 at 4:51pm ·
A nation conceived through genocide, birthed through slavery, and raised through economic exploitation is not and has never been great. #usa

November 20 at 5:12pm ·
Whenever Hannah Moore and Hannah J. Cohn both 'like' a post of mine, I think to myself "ah, the Hannahs approve" and it makes me feel like I am on the right path in life.

November 20 at 7:56pm ·
If someone has a friendly interaction with you and their parting words are "be safe," what is your emotional reaction?

November 21 at 2:36pm ·
If you are a Christian, to say that there is anything more important than love is the height of blasphemy, because God is love. 1st John 4:8

November 21 at 2:49pm ·
I want to buy billboard ad space and rotate a sermon of bible verses on love, to shame all the hatefilled so-called 'Christians.'

November 21 at 8:52pm ·
A Practical Web Tutorial to Bystander Intervention and De-escalation Tactics by Jes Skolnik

"...we have a deep responsibility to care for one another... I have used these techniques hundreds of times... I have seen them work upwards of 90% of the time. I am a tiny, effeminate, odd-looking creature. If someone who reads as Not Normal and Not Threatening as myself can employ these techniques to great effect, surely they’ll help you too." (please like and share)

[image: what looks like static on a tv screen, scattered black dots on a bluish background]

November 21 at 9:05pm ·
free e-books! (if you share this from me, include an image description please)

[image: three book covers with the caption "free e-books at" The first book has a seal that says "Militant Anti-Fascism" with red and black flags, under which is the subtitle "a hundred years of resistance." The second book is black with an abstract, furry-looking pattern of white stripes on a black background, with the title "Taking Sides." The third book is a three-color posterized image of a child with short dark hair holding out a hand with a butterfly on it. Behind the child is a fence with razor wire and a guard tower. It is titled "Undoing Border Imperialism."]

November 21 at 9:10pm ·
Just a note for people who are trying to use image descriptions:

I think I figured out when image descriptions are carried through -- it's only when they're put into the original post. So if I post an image, you can 'share' without any additional work, but if I share someone else's image, you'll have to copy the description and paste it to keep it with the image when sharing it.

November 22 at 3:31am ·
If I was super rich I'd totally hire someone to rub my feet for an hour every other day. *daydreams*

November 22 at 5:17pm ·
If you love gingerbread, raise your hand! *raises both hands* couldn't care less about pumpkin (except in pie) but mmmm gingerbread.

November 22 at 10:23pm ·
[image: on a slate blue background, white and pale orange text says,
Suntrust is pouring millions of dollars into the violent and unjust Dakota Access Pipeline construction project
Act now and make 3 quick calls!
CEO William H. Rogers - 404-429-2344
President of the Biard, Melvin Ivester - 404-355-9679
Chief Communications Officer, Sue Mallino - 404-813-0463"]

November 23 at 1:53am ·
[image: a collage of photos of crowds protesting, each one with the name of the city on it:
Portland / St Louis / Chicago / New York /
San Francisco / Madison / St Paul / Seattle /
Denver / Austin / Los Angeles / Boston /
Washington DC / Baltimore / Atlanta / Indianapolis
Underneath is text that reads: "if the election has you down, take heart in the fact that Tr*mp has awakened a sleeping giant."]

November 23 at 10:05pm ·
Some goddamned racist worthless shithead defaced my car. [image: photo of my car where I wrote #illgowithyou and #blacklivesmatter -- the latter is scribbled out by vomitwad to make it say black lie matter ]

November 23 at 10:19pm ·
To the vomit-souled feces-brain who defaced my car: may every bit of evil you have put into the world come back to you cubed. So mote it be.

This is the next thing I am writing on my car, followed by #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter on a stream around my entire car. Relatedly, I need a cheap dashcam. I am not above calling cops on racist pieces of shit.

November 24 at 5:28pm ·
Fuck this 'holiday' and fuck your pretty stories that erase the profound evil in US past and present.

It would be great if the US wasn't guilty of massive, deliberate genocide of Native people, but we absolutely are. Not only did we murder millions and millions, we stole children from their parents and forced them to forget their native language -- that is what assimilation looks like. Thomas Jefferson said that we must 'exterminate' Native people. White people literally massacred Native people over and over and over throughout the history of the US and called it necessity or destiny.

We stole their land and are still stealing it. Currently, Native women get raped (usually by white men) more than any other nationality in the US. Native people have the highest unemployment and poverty. The US has not obeyed even its own legal agreements regarding the tiny portion of lands that is supposed to be owned by Native tribes. The US illegally mines on Native lands and is currently trying to put an oil pipeline through Native land because US citizens said it was too toxic to go through their city.

America has literally never championed freedom for all. It was created by and for white cisgender straight non-disabled men, and fought tooth and nail against every other group trying to take its rights back.

Women were deliberately left out of the founding documents despite Abigail Adams trying to get them to make it inclusive. Native people and black people had it even worse. Disabled people have had their rights trampled on and trans/queer people as well.

Every bit of good that has ever existed in this country has come as a result of changing away from what the founders intended. They did not intend to protect all human rights, and it wasn't a fucking accident; the founders wanted their own benefit at everyone else's expense.

Don't whitewash our evil history: instead, change our present.

shared Bernie Sanders's post.
November 24 at 5:49pm ·
[image: silhouetted people sit and stand, some with hands up, in the dark as a water cannon blasts over them]
Meanwhile in north Georgia, 20,000 acres of woods continue to burn because our country doesn't give a shit about the land. Where does the US put tax money? wherever it benefits rich people. "By the rich for the rich" is the US's true motto.
Bernie Sanders November 21 at 1:50pm ·
We say to President Obama, in any and every way that you can, stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and keep the water protectors safe. #NoDAPL
Water Cannons Fired at Water Protectors in Freezing Temperatures Injure Hundreds

November 25 at 2:56am ·
Like this status and I'll post a comment about you without naming you.

November 25 at 3:05am ·
So my biodad voted 3rd party (due to family pressures against Hillary apparently) while my so-called mother and so-called brother betrayed me to the core by voting for an evil rapist racist. What even is this.

November 25 at 9:53pm ·
Two adorable femme couples slow-dancing to Sonia Leigh up in front of the stage at a Woodstock venue giving me hope for life *heartglow*

November 26 at 12:34am ·
Calling my mom at 3am every night for a week to yell at her for voting for tr*mp: righteous retribution or just rude?

November 26 at 8:29pm ·
Drunk. Ask me questions, is fun game. #Oops #Sitsoutside #anxiety #dulledbyalcohol

November 27 at 2:48am ·
Ugh I can't even go to a party without fucking up a friendship & having a total meltdown. So furious at my useless, foolish, horrible self. I hate you and wish I didn't have to live with you, self.

November 27 at 4:35am ·
#gratitude 54/181: being taken care of through tonight's breakdown, by a stranger & then by my two closest friends, in turn. Such kindness.

November 27 at 4:40pm ·
"I never would have begun my own conversations without first experiencing clear and passionate outrage to what I believed from those I interacted with."

This is why I tell people that being rude is a valid and necessary form of resistance. Before anyone can realize they are wrong, they must be shaken out of the certainty that they are right.

[image: graphic of a sea of white human silhouettes on a black sky and shore. One white person stands on the shore, wearing orangy-tan clothes]

November 27 at 7:58pm ·
updated their profile picture.
My attitude going into 2016.
selfportrait: I'm glaring outrageously at you, head thrown back, teeth bared and lips curled back, eyebrows raised hugely and eyelids flared wide so that much of the white shows. My teeth are irregular and I have a gap between my top two front teeth, which adds to the animalistic look.
I'm wearing "Red Queen" makeup with searingly red lips, darkened pointed eyebrows, black eyeliner with a solid line on the top lid and asymmetrical accent lines on the lower lid, deep red and black eyeshadow on my eyelids, gold and silver eyeshadow accenting the underside and corners of my eyes in asymmetrical patterns. On my right cheek are two black-outlined silver hearts with red shadow dripping from them, and on my left cheek are two black-outlined gold diamonds with red shadow dripping from them.

November 27 at 9:48pm ·
I never felt loved by my parents or grandparents. This is so normal in my head that it boggles my mind to think of people feeling like their parents love them. If my biofamily were to find out that I was switched at birth, I'm sure they'd dump me with much excitement at finding a replacement (except maybe one of them, but that one would fade away I'm pretty sure). Unless the biokin was somehow more weird than me, then they might be torn.

November 28 at 1:27am ·
Me: "Baby, it's not romantic when you rhyme like 'I like your butt / what what?'" Topaz, genuinely charmed: "awwww! what a great love poem!"

November 28 at 4:05pm ·
#gratitude 55/181: my sweet cuddly silly fun clever enthusiastic nerdy determined bratty independent creative playful generous love, Topaz.

November 29 at 1:51am ·
#gratitude 56/181: it starts raining after two months of drought & my fb feed explodes with happiness. I love having so many people who love the earth and feel its suffering and its joy.

November 29 at 3:32am ·
#gratitude 57/181: rain, oh sweet rain. Please put out the fires tonight *hums in happy gratitude*

November 29 at 3:40am ·
PSA: you can't fight racism, sexism, etc with ableism. DO NOT CALL TR*MP MENTALLY ILL. Do not associate actual illness with evil behavior.

November 29 at 8:25pm ·
Even if Tr*mp DOES have a mental illness diagnosis, it's NOT RELEVANT to his evil. SHUT UP w "but he fits the criteria" ableist shitwaddery.

November 30 at 2:35am ·
#gratitude 58/181: it rained again *deep sigh of satisfaction*

November 30 at 2:41am ·
#gratitude 59/181: my super-plush red-yellow-green-blue tie-dye 'mink' blanket which covers my bed year-round & is just the coziest.

November 30 at 11:59am ·
Had fascinating and terrifying dreams involving a psychedelic slug who bit my scientist partner (killing them) and then had babies and died.
Angel K.: Did you care for the babies?
Me: Yes. I was like "oh that's why you bit him and literally melted his entire body. Okay then."
Me: also my scientist partner got bitten because they handled it while I wasn't there, which they were not supposed to do, so I didn't have much pity for them. We worked together but didn't like each other.
& went to 'iceland' where the light came from everywhere & the ground was the perfect endless sculpting medium, like translucent wet sand.
& saw sculptures of russian dictators made in such a way that they were disrespected every time it rained. & an articulated pearly skeleton.
It was the most passive aggressive protest ever. The sculptures were very accurate and would have been honoring if they hadn't been made of limestone and placed under the edge of eaves.

November 30 at 4:28pm ·
Whoa I'm freaked out that Lorelei has the same dream about giant horrifically dirty bathrooms. Who else has this nightmare??

November 30 at 4:40pm ·
do you know anyone who reminds you a lot of me? if so, introduce us please!

November 30 at 11:44pm ·
Sometimes I don't realize I've broken a taboo until people applaud my bravery about it. I'm not really brave, just bad at being 'normal.'
Tags: #anxiety, #blacklivesmatter, #darkmatter, #dulledbyalcohol, #gratitude, #illgowithyou, #itme, #justsayin, #luckluckluck, #neurodivergent, #nodapl, #noneofusarefree, #nooffense, #oops, #parksandrec, #sitsoutside, #transrelief, #untilallofusarefree, #usa, add-pi, anger, anxiety / overwhelmed / stress, biofamily, books, christianity, dreams, films / shows, friendship, georgia, kylei, linkage, localtribe, magic, money, music, names, nature, pain, queerness, questions, rants, social justice / feminism, topaz, turning points, work

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