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"Fabulous Life Of..." Angelina / meeting Trench & Mandi

I saw the "Fabulous Life of Angelina Jolie" -- a little disappointing, since I thought it would be an hour and have more interesting info... but what can ya do, it's a show about how celebrities spend their money. Some of the 'info' was so obviously slanted (the tattoo guy and his bullshit?) that it infuriated me, but it was worth watching nevertheless.
I did learn that when she won a Golden Globe 1999 for "Gia" she jumped in the hotel pool wearing a dress with 5,000 crystal beads sewn on! I love it! (why does everybody think that's so weird? I don't get it. It's "scandelous"...)

And I got to meet trenchmeister and his charming wife Mandi -- we vastly underestimated the drive and the traffic, so we got there as it was ending -- but they taped it, so it was all good anyway. They were fun to hang out and talk with -- about Angelina, fantasy/sci-fi, and God. Three of my favorite subjects! That would be the second time I've happily met a cyberfriend in real life. (Jedidiah being the first) I wish they lived closer... but maybe next time we can meet at a coffeeshop halfway or something.

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