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moving / Spencer called me!

gonna be gone for a while... not sure how long. We're moving (tonight) and will set up internet later... I know I'm going to go into withdrawal (sad, yes.) Tonight has been craziness..... but tomorrow I get to organize all day. (yes I love organizing) I am so freaking tired, but don't tell Ben. I want to get it ALL DONE tonight 'cause I can't stand to be here another minute.

Oh yeah -- Spencer called me today! *melts* I was soooooooo pissed at J. & E., for reasons I don't want to focus on right now, and then Spencer called, and my mood totally changed. I went back up to my sweltering air-conditioning-less room and sang as I packed.

He said thanks for the card... and asked me about staying during that week in July... and I said of course and asked if Paula had told him that I was moving into their neighborhood -- she hadn't, so he was surprised and said it'd be great to see me (and added that the boys would love to hang out with Ben). He was happy. ;-) Which made me happy, of course. He sounded so emotionally tired; I imagine it's really hard for him to see Paula so unwell. But he also sounded so much more at ease with me -- not that he wasn't before, but you're just more comfortable when you know exactly where you stand with someone.

AND THE BATHROOM HAS A WINDOW IN THE SHOWER!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Showering in sunlight is just ... orgasm.
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