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dream (fleeing from evil, cave of skeletons, chains and sodomy, fleeing with little girl)

I was in a hotel-like place, trying to pack up the last of my belongings, because I had to be out by a certain time to follow a close friend, and there was a man trying to stop me. I was trying to incapacitate him by squeezing and pinching his testicles as hard as I could, but it did no more than keep him from moving. As soon as I let up he tried to attack me again. Finally someone (either Ben or S) showed up and helped me, smashing the man's head against a wall and knocking him out. I was nearly finished with the stuff when I came upon an item that I had heard the guy on the floor below was a fan of (it was some cartoony thing) so I went to give it to him. His name was Robert, and he was a psycho (Marilyn Manson-ish), so I stuck it inside his door and stood out of range of any thrown objects, and asked if he would like it. He didn't answer, but I suddenly sensed he was moving and fled as he fired a gun at me. He continued to chase me, but I knew he would be caught by the wardens, so I wasn't terribly worried about him -- I just had to get out. I came to the door, and the warden asked where I was going. Fortunately there was a flood of tourists in that day, so I pointed up the hill and said, "that's my uncle!" and ran off before the warden could question further. I knew he was watching though, so when I spotted some people waving I waved back and ran up to them. It was a bus of young men who didn't see women very often, and I ran up to the first guy and hugged him, saying "Welcome to (whatever the name of the place was)!" He hugged me back, and even though I knew he was doing it in order to feel my breasts on his chest, I let him because I knew the warden was watching. Then a crowd of people started rushing by, and I knew the warden couldn't see me, so I kept running up the hill.

When I finally got to the top, where the cave was, I was told that my fiance had gone on already (at this point I switched roles to a man of about 28) and married another man. There was nothing left for me but to lay in the company of the dead. The dead had skeleton heads and black, withered flesh, and their bones were the size of a four-year-olds. We lay in pits, about four to a pit. Since I was a newcomer, I lay with only one skeleton. At first, I hurt his feelings by being grossed out at touching him (he thought it was because he was black and used to be a slave), until the others explained that nothing rubbed off, and they weren't rotting. So I lay down (I still had my flesh, as did four other new ones (old friends of mine)) with him, and watched the sky, like the others. Suddenly rings of dark clouds started pouring over the sky -- literal rings like smoke rings, but they were clouds -- and I was frightened. I asked my companion if he saw them, and he said he did.

Then I was somehow able to take on the form of a living man, and go to meet my old fiance and her husband -- to advise them on a scrapbook project for their coming son. I had done this for people when I was living, and my old fiance didn't tell her husband about me at all, but I was the reason she wanted to do it. When I saw how she had modified the basic structure I gave out (five of her to nine of her son, in contrast to the six of her to eight of her son that I recommended) I was so touched, because it was just like the woman I had known, and I was proud of her for wanting to focus more on her son than most mothers. When we actually met, I knew she was upset (because I looked like my former self), and the scene went blank...

I switched roles to her, and I was at her house. My husband (a muscular blonde) was being very threatening, because he had sensed that I had past with that man (upon meeting him I had kicked him in the shin and left) and I tried my best not to let on, because I knew he would kill the old fiance. Suddenly Robert (the psycho) showed up, still trying to kill me. As I fled from him, the blond (my husband) offered tips on what Robert should do to me. He suggested that Robert fuck him while he (the blonde) sodomized me. At this time my protector, Rex, showed up, trying to disarm Robert while escaping the clutches of both men. The blonde said that I liked it (sodomy) and that we had done it before. I protested weakly that "You have to do what you can to save a marriage" and he jeered at me. Then I fell from the ledge that the blonde had been abusing me on, and Robert dropped a package of what looked like batteries next to me. I immediately knew it was a bomb, and my first thought was to get it away from Rex. I snatched the package up and flew as far as I could before I had to drop it because it was going to go off. Robert, back at the house, thought I was going to die for sure, and he shook chains to make it sound like a storm outside (so that Rex wouldn't know what had happened to me). He had another bomb, and was hunting Rex now.

A police officer came up to me and said he needed my help in judging whether a dead man had been the victim of the evil men who had been prowling the city and torturing people to death -- because they enjoyed inflicting pain. I said I'd help, and we flew out over the ocean (it confused me that the policeman could fly, but I didn't mention it) and used radar device to look at the thing. At first I had it backwards, and so could see only a red dot. As we were about to leave, I flipped it over and gasped -- now it magnified and I could see it up close. It was a man somehow bound in an open metalwork capsule. I could see marks on his body, just enough to tell that it was the evil ones' work. I took pictures with the device and flew back to shore with the man, giving him the device.

Rex was in the back of my mind, but I couldn't go back, so I began trying to find my way out of the city without being captured. I changed roles to a young girl named Molly. The city was piles on piles of stuff, like an attic, and had weird tunnels and such. All I knew was to stay out of sight and try to go north. I came to one place where there was a monkey and a bear, and they were sentient and good, trying to help humans. An evil one was coming, so the bear took me to a secure hiding place and guarded me, as the evil one took a chainsaw to one of the bear's friends. We could hear screams and the evil one's laughter and see blood and body parts flying. I heard the bear mutter, "This is enough to kill a golden bear" and knew that a golden bear was the strongest of the bears. I had a strong sense that this had happened before and that I knew what would happen -- the evil one would leave when he was finished. But it occurred to me that it might not happen that way, so I prayed. After a little while, many people dressed in yellow (the law enforcement) were there (the bear had gotten them to come) handling the evil one and the bear snuck me past them (so they wouldn't question me). The monkey (named Lilith) stayed with me.

I switched roles to an older one, a little bit like a guardian angel, holding Molly's hand and urging her out of the city. I saw an abandoned stall that had the words "Molly's Flowers" on it, and I pointed them out to her as proof that this was the right thing to do. Right after that we came to Daisy's Daisies, and she told us that her flowers were named after tv shows, and she gave Molly three. The first I can't remember the name of (it looked like a daisy), the second was "Friends" and the third was "Enemies." (the second two both looked like butterflies on a stick) We walked on and Molly threw one away -- I was hoping it was "Enemies" but it was "Friends." She had done it based on how they looked. I urged her to drop the "Enemies" one (suspecting that it may have been enchanted to lead the evil ones to us) and she did.

Then I very unwillingly awoke, still longing to know what had happened to Rex.
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