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met a new friend who has agreed to share writing catalysis and efflorescence with me!

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Yesterday, I met a super-lovely person for coffee. We'd met in vague and indirect ways and had made like three plans that didn't work out, so I was feeling worried that they'd be annoyed with me but apparently they had the same worry, and weren't annoyed with me at all. We talked about books and tv shows, work and school, coding and writing. They also seem to be in love with learning and dedicated to growth. The last time we had interacted was at a gather that was about queering relationships: dismantling the idea of romance as some singular thing, or a thing only for monogamous or allosexual people. I don't remember anything that was said of course, but I remember thinking "ah, you do friendship like me!" and shortly after that was when I reached out. I think we could be great friends and I really hope they have the time & energy & inclination to build a connection with me.

They write in a style similar to how I write here (at least it seems similar to me from the two posts of theirs I have read). I was talking about how my relationship to LJ had been messed up by the server move and subsequent exodus, and how I felt really out of sorts that I hadn't been writing. How my memory is such that if I keep no record, it is as if the time never happened. They listened sympathetically and when I mentioned needing at least one person that I felt was specifically anticipating my posts, they suggested we be writing buddies. I had been thinking about this but considered it too much to ask of someone when I'm already not an easy friend, so I was very excited and relieved and hopeful that they suggested it. They mentioned needing a structure in order to follow through which was also encouraging to me as I need the same. We decided to post on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and to take turns coming up with prompts that we both write on. I am nervous but this could be really an amazing shift for me. Even the idea is so encouraging that I was able today to just sit down and write this out without having some major need to express myself on the topic.
Tags: days and moments, lj my beloved home, those passing through, writing

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