Belenen (belenen) wrote,

yay it hasn't been a month-long gap!

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Sure enough, this new schedule is helping me do more LJ! it hasn't shown up yet but I have written several partial entries last week and I have been reading more. I am setting my priority like this: read at least 3 times a week, write every lunch even if it is small and I don't share it, post at least twice a week, reply to comments, comment on others' entries. I feel bad to put that at the bottom but I can bring it up more when I have repaired my connection with LJ more. I'm also allowing myself to be "sloppy" and reply to comments and posts here and there without trying to be perfectly fair and never miss anything, because that just sets me up for failing.

I think I also need to do some switching up of my list, because there are some lovely people who I just can't keep up with and there are a lot of defunct journals. For me to really connect with people I need them to post 2-20 times a month. Much more than that and I start feeling really guilty that I can't keep up, but any less than 2x a month and I feel like we can't build any momentum. It also helps me when there are a few new people on my flist because the extra curiosity boosts my ability to read everyone. So if you know any good friending memes or if you know people who I don't know who post reflections on their lives and relationships, please let me know.
Tags: little chaotic posts, lj friends, lj my beloved home, work

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