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dream / myself the paladin

I was the most powerful paladin, and I went to order a Duke and a Lord. I asked them for a black leather riding tack, but they refused me. So I went and stood in front of the TV and wouldn't let them watch it. They started trying to kill me, but they couldn't do anything. I told them they should have been paying attention to me, because I outrank them. I'm second in authority to God.

Then I went out to the people who were outside, and found out that we were going to be attacked; not by the race that I thought was going to attack us (which was humanoid with a wolf head, and Shannon, Spencer's daughter, was one of them), but it turned out to be blonde, pale-skinned humans. So I pretended to be a double agent for them, and I went into their camp to help them plan. I told them that they should attack when we all went to dinner in the dining hall, because then everyone would be relaxed and distracted when the attack came. I walked into one room and there was the dress and clothing of a little girl with entrails on it, and there were two women in that room discussing how they were going to use it as a decoy. I walked out and there was a man who had long hair and was very nervous. He said, "I feel something terriblly wrong about this." I told him to stay where he was and not follow them out into battle. Then I went to the front gate and I jumped up, grabbed the gate, and used that to push myself off and fly out before they could realize. I went back to my camp and told them that the blonds were going to very quickly realize that I was a double agent. So I took the children including Dave Monson's little kid, who was being too loud, so I spanked him, but he yelled louder, so I put my hand over his mouth and carried him, urging the other children to follow us into the forest. They were all very small, under the age of four. At one point there was a creature called a nightshadow, that looked like a two-foot-long four-inch-wide flat piece of blue gel. And if you got it angry, it would attack, melt, and consume you. There was a nightshadow right where I had to pass the children over a short cliff, and there was a lady on the other side who was grabbing the children as I tossed them. I tossed one child of two years old, but the lady had backed off because she saw the nightshadow. So the child fell right on top of the shadow. I quickly jumped down and snatched him up, and I started praying as I wiped the blue stuff off. Some had gotten in his eyes. I was praying for the healing. The nightshadow had been destroyed because when you take a piece of a night shadow away from it, it can't survive. After I got most of the blue stuff off the little boy, we started running toward a white house that was unfurnished, but it had rough pieces of carpet on the floor which wasn't tacked down, and there was a towel. I handed the boy and the towel to the lady who had dropped him,and I told the lady that he was your charge now, because she was responsible for what happened to him.
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