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starting a 22-day writing challenge to get myself back in the flow / lj friends

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Last night I streamlined my profile (to the most stripped-down it has ever been), and while doing that I skimmed over the last few months of posts to make sure I was being accurate in listing the kinds of things I write about. I realized that I haven't been writing anything except for giant, in-depth posts about unified topics -- more like a blog than a journal. I'm sorry about this, for me and for you. Sorry for me because I have lost a lot of that history and sorry for you because I know I don't feel connected to people when they don't write anything but impersonal, philosophical type posts.

I feel like I can't put things in here unless they are really well-thought-out, complete, and important. But I need to get over that and go back to writing more often. If I write down things that don't matter, that's okay. If I end up never writing because I have set the bar for 'important enough' too high, that's a terrible loss for me.

So, I'm biting the bullet, and today begins my first 22-day challenge of 2018. I'm going to try to post every day from today through February 2nd. I'd love for you to join me!

I also want some more active people on LJ because a good half of my flist never or rarely posts, so recommend me your friends! I want to add anyone who posts entries that are kind of similar in style to these:

I like reading about people's daily lives and how their emotions weave with their experiences.

Usually I wouldn't post this because it's short and scattered but I'm pushing past that! here!
Tags: 22days, little chaotic posts, lj friends, lj my beloved home

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