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sci-fi authors I plan to review

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There was so much sci-fi and fantasy that I loved as a child that now reads as blatantly exoticizing, stereotyping, oppressively gendering, horridly ableist, fatphobic, and/or overtly white supremacist (Tolkein, Lewis) now that I am an adult educated on those things. It's strong enough that I don't re-read books because I don't want to ruin child me's experience. Some I cringe even thinking about re-reading.

But then I am reminded that authors like Cj Cherryh still have fan interactions and sometimes even listen to criticism. Maybe I have a responsibility to reach out to my estranged literary parents. I can't do a lot because I have so many other responsibilities, but maybe I can make it a goal to read one new book by an old favorite author (who is still alive) each year, review it with my current understanding and share that with the author.

Unfortunately a lot of them have died, but here is the list of still-alive favorite authors of pre-consciousness me that I have thought of so far:

Piers Anthony (this one I just can't ever read again. too pro-rape. AVOID. None of his pluses are worth the constant pro-rape thread in all of his work. I stopped reading this shitwad before I even discovered feminism)
CJ Cherryh
Alan Dean Foster
Terry Brooks
Tad Williams
Elizabeth Anne Scarborough
Sharon Shinn
Sarah Isidore
Emma Bull
Nick O'Donohoe
Kaaron Warren
Rebecca Lickiss
Louise Marley
Rachel Pollack

And more recent favs which still should be critically examined:
Stephen Leigh
Joan Slonczewski

This is a looong term project so we'll see if I manage or not.
Tags: books, reviews, sci-fi, social justice / feminism

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