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hi / Spencer's generosity

Hi Tahera, anonymous, phrank, and Kyra!

wow. an update. I've forgotten how to do this, I think.

I still don't have internet, but looking at my skimpy, empty calendar makes me upset enough to contend with the Wynne's computer. I just have to remember this part of my life -- it already feels so short. Babygirl Risa is almost here (I'm hoping for August 22nd), and this little section of my life where I'm taking care of Paula will end. I was doing so well, too, writing every day. Now, when it's more important, I have very little to remember with.

Meh. Let me just say... that I will do my best to write everyday again...

...and that Spencer has been ridiculously generous lately. $600. (two weeks ago he gave me 200, which shocked me, and then this week he gave me 400, which made me laugh.) I have been taking care of Paula for about 8-12 hours a day, but I'm doing it for love, not for money. I'm going to try to give at least half of it back when he gets home on Monday. He handed me a folded check as he was walking out the door, so that I didn't have a chance to argue. I hope he doesn't think my love language is gifts. I'm not a gifts kind of person -- gimmie a hug or a deep conversation instead. BUT I must say it touched me deeply. I've never had anyone act so generously on my behalf.

I posted (backdated) the few entries that I had written while unconnected to the 'net... if you want to see them you'll have to visit -- I didn't want to flood your friends pages. They're long entries of course.
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