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I got my eyebrows waxed.

And now my face looks so... I don't know how to describe it, but I feel like the stereotype of a cheerleader. I did show the lady a picture of what I wanted, but I suppose I didn't explain it well enough.

I wanted them to be the same thickness all the way through, not any shorter than they were, with a bit of a point about 3/4ths of the way to the end, and I wanted them to match. Like this:

What I got was short tapering brows with no point, one shorter than the other on both ends. Serves me right for spending money on something so frivolous, and letting myself be railroaded into not expressing exactly what I wanted. I might give this waxing thing one more chance with someone a little more experienced, and if that doesn't work out I'll just pluck them my ownself. I could have done a much better job than this, and now I have to wait for them to grow back in.

Grrrr. Eyebrows just say so much about a face, and right now mine are saying, "I'm a pushover." Ah well. I'm done complaining now.

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