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living alone again! a shocking quiet / return of the ghost / tidying & organizing

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Sunday night was the first night I got to be home since Serenity (housemate) finished moving out and cleaning up behind themselves and it was WORLDS quieter. Not of physical noise, but of mental/emotional noise. The quiet felt almost shocking, like when the power goes out. I felt like I was in a hotel, or like I was sleeping in an empty house without even furniture. My house felt clean, open, and full of space -- despite the fact that my living room is still a clutterbomb from my returned things after Topaz' move.

I was subconsciously worried that I didn't actually need to live alone for a while, or that it wouldn't be a significant difference because Serenity did try hard to be unobtrusive. I was worried that maybe I was making it up, maybe I was just being uselessly picky. Now I feel validated, and happy that I knew this would be good for me even though I had no proof. I'm delightedly anticipating a decrease in my overall cognitive and emotional strain, from the sense of rest I can get now from going home.

Weirdly I have heard the ghost moving around again, and Kanika has started breaking into the room where it stays again. They didn't do that for almost the entire 2 years that Serenity was here -- at least not when I was home. The door to that bedroom stayed shut. Now I keep shutting it and finding it open again, and last night the light was inexplicably on (I never turn it on) -- most likely Serenity turned it on and I just didn't notice the first 3 times I passed it, but I would have thought I'd notice since it was dark and there is a large gap between the door and the floor. It creeped me out a little but I dismissed it. If it is a ghost, it's got no ill intention, or Kanika wouldn't be friends with it.

I've been helping Topaz with various cleaning projects and they offered to come help me clean and tidy my living room this week which will be SUCH a relief as tackling it alone is just something I haven't motivated to do, at all. Once I have it tidy I can do an allergy clean regularly and hopefully host hearts and crafts sometimes. I've only just been able to start doing big cleaning and tidying projects, having stored up enough spoons. So many days when I get home I am just so wiped from work that feeding myself dinner and occasionally soaking my feet is about all I can manage. But having a tidy space that is all mine and all tidy is going to help so much.

I don't remember if I posted about it, but I organized my closet (the clothes at least) and put some things in canvas boxes on a wire cube shelf outside the closet, and I have done a lot better about putting away clean clothes and planning out work outfits since then. It's so good to for me to plan ahead with outfits because otherwise I end up slapping together something in the morning and it's not something that feels like self-decorating. If I have to wear clothes I want to be thoughtful and creative about it. Side note: I need so many more clothes now that I have to wear a different outfit every damn day, which I usually sweat in while walking to the bus. Luckily my thrifting magic has kept that from being too dreary.

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mac_arthur_park ══╣╠══
I am glad to hear this are moving in a positive direction for you!

I get you on the clothing as self decoration. I have to wear scrubs for work, and I have amassed *such* a collection of fun tops (thrift stores are my friend, too. I never pay more than $3) and cute socks. It also helps that we have an executive director who doesn't care WHAT color my hair is as long as it is pulled back in some form or fashion

The funny part is that one of my bus stops is at UNC's Health Sciences library. All of the med/dental students have to wear solid color scrubs based on what department they're in. At least once a week, some students asks me what department I'm in that allows purple paisley scrubs. :)
zhelana ══╣╠══
There was a ghost in my house when I was a kid. At first it shared my room, but then I traded rooms with my little sister so that I got a smaller room without a ghost. lol
moonlit_ink ══╣╠══
CCS ★ kiss the silent earth
ragnarok_08 ══╣CCS ★ kiss the silent earth╠══
That's great that living alone has proved to be a positive experience for you :)
fairytaleguise ══╣╠══
I'm glad that living alone has worked out so well for you. We took time to organise our closets better last year and it made such a big difference just knowing where everything was at all times.
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.