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letter from Michael B / Allison / am I boring?

I got an email (in response to the "I'm deleting this address so change your books" email, at the supposedly deleted address) from Michael today...

How are you girl. It's been a long time since we have talked. I hope you and yours are well. I'm doing alright. Living in a new apt. near campus and trying to still get over the girl. It wont happen but I still live and try now don’t I. I'm reading and writing a lot more these days. I work for dominos pizza as a driver and school is about to start for me.
I've had a good summer full of seeing people and getting ready for school. I also turned 21 last july. Well I just wanted to write to you cause it's been a while, and in my opinion far too long.


I really jinxed myself with that birthday reminder thing. I've missed every birthday since I started getting the reminders. (even Spencer's!)

I miss Michael. We were so close in high school, and now we hardly ever communicate. I wish I had gotten to hang out with him some this summer... he's one of my favorite people, 'cause he is so incredibly himself; he doesn't try to fit with any particular group. I need to be better about keeping in touch with him.

With Allison, I'm a little hurt and a little offended, 'cause despite my tries, she hasn't managed to spend one afternoon with me all summer. I realize she has a busy schedule, but there's no change in her pocket for me? I'm sure it has somewhat to do with the fact that I've been fairly car-less... but still. One day of going out of her way would have meant so much to me. (I'm not forgetting how wonderful she has been in the past -- she was the only one who helped me pack before I got married and moved in with Ben) Why drop me?

Well, Kristen B. accused me of becoming boring since I got married -- maybe that's why. I don't think I got more boring, but I'm on the inside of me. *shrug* I'll be as wild as a waterstar one day -- both inside and out.

I'm nervous about counseling tonight...
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