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Human body features that I find most aesthetically pleasing

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There are some human features that capture me aesthetically every time. This has no effect on me romantically or sexually but I find many aspects of humans very visually appealing. I just enjoy looking at people. If I have ever stared at you, I'm sorry! I do my best not to but sometimes my brain just fixates.

Also, I am capable of being aesthetically attracted to anyone, so this is not a complete list. It's just my favorites.

Facial features:
* short faces (faces that are as wide across as they are from chin to eyebrow, or even wider);
* wide-set eyes (more than one eye length between the inner corners of the eyes);
* Lower eyelids that naturally come partway up the eye (no idea what to call this);
* "smile echoes" which is what I call it when someone has line-shaped dimples that are so long, deep, and defined that they are like a second set of smile lines;
* asymmetrical dimples;
* eyes that are twice as long as they are wide;
* lower lips that are twice as thick as upper lips;
* very full lips, especially full lips on a narrow mouth;
* upper lips that have a flat line across the top, or have a sharp v shape at the top;
* sharply defined philtrum (the dimple between nose and mouth);
* mouths that make a flat line or frown when relaxed;
* wide, flat noses;
* long noses with a rectangular (rather than pointed or rounded) tip;
* unusual veining or coloring of the eyelids and under-eye circles;
* thick and/or sharply angular dark eyebrows;
* line-shaped scars, especially across an eyebrow or lip, especially if they are raised scars;
* pox or boxcar scars, especially near the outer edge of the eye;
* long, thick, dark eyelashes or white eyelashes or no eyelashes or very short eyelashes;
* an angular jaw or chin, especially a square jaw;
* a "widow's peak" hairline, especially on a heart-shaped face;
* moles above eyebrows;
* large freckles on cheeks;
* a prominent obicularis oris (the muscle that encircles your mouth);
* a prominent brow ridge;
* prominent cheekbones;
* a goatee, especially without a mustache
* a chinstrap beard
* unusual teeth: teeth with a gap, a partial tooth, or long canines

Body features:
* a rounded, poky belly, especially one that is pear shaped (dips in as it gets closer to the ribs)
* deep belly buttons
* long dark armpit hair
* a "treasure trail" (dark hair descending from belly button to crotch)
* wide, C-shaped hips
* narrow hips with a dimple on each side of the butt (narrower butt than hips)
* B-shaped hips (where they go out from the waist, then in, then out again along the thigh)
* thick thighs
* wide, muscular calves (I think of these as "soccer calves")
* large, defined deltoid (shoulder) muscles
* large but narrow biceps
* muscular forearms
* raised veins in forearms
* deep elbow dimples
* lower back dimples
* very small or very large hands, especially with narrow fingers
* wide shoulders, especially with narrow hips
* small ears
* long neck
* very tall or very short body
* very long or very short hair
* curly hair
* unusual skin/hair/eye coloring, like dark eyes with light hair, or dark skin with light eyes, or having prominent birthmarks or vitiligo
* multicolor eyes (hazel, blue hazel) or heterochromic eyes (one eye is a different color from the other)
* obviously dyed or bleached hair (either with roots showing, or an unnatural color: if it looks like it might be natural, it's no bonus)
* tattoos
* piercings

And last but certainly not least:

* on any human adult who is comfortable with me admiring them: literally any breasts that protrude at all, whether from muscle or breast tissue, whether grown in first or second puberty, whether augmented or not, large or small, round or flat. On people who dislike or don't want their chest shape/size I do not perceive their chest -- internally I put up a censor bar. (this is not difficult for me, or at least it hasn't been so far)
*- especially breasts that are proportionately very large or very small
*- and especially breasts with wide areolas
*- and dark areolas
*- and large nipples
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