Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream: people on the bus are cruel to me / dating a super-fat person, defending them / toilet weird

Dream: stranded, bus doesn't stop near me any more, people on the bus are cruel to me; dating a super-fat person and verbally attacking people who were cruel to them, toilet weirdness; combs are currency but mine don't work.

I was stranded and had very little money. Bought a bus ticket which left me with less than a dollar in any of my accounts. Then I talked with the first bus driver to confirm the number of the second bus I needed to catch and he told me that buses no longer stopped where I needed to go, and the nearest stop was miles away. I despaired and tried to think of alternatives but there weren't any, I couldn't even use a pay phone. The driver said I should get on this certain bus and then after we began the route, tell the driver where I needed to go and they would likely take pity on me and make a closer stop. I felt like this was manipulative and unethical but I felt like I had no other choice.

Then the driver asked how the temperature was and no one responded for several seconds so I said it was fine with me. Someone else on the bus said "yeah cause you are the only one who matters" and I said that I wasn't trying to imply that and that I am usually better at expressing myself but that I was having a very stressful day. Someone else said that their kid was sick but they didn't use it as an excuse to "express themselves badly." Everyone on the bus was hating me and being mean and I kept apologizing but they just got meaner, until I woke up from crying so hard.

Eventually I went back to sleep and then I was dating a super-fat person and we went to a restaurant where two people were thin supremacist and rude, cruel to my date. Afterward I asked my date what their names were and if it was okay for me to confront them and my date said yes and told me one was named Sara(h) and the other one was not important.

So I went to find Sara(h) and was about to confront a Sara(h) in a floral print dress when I realized there was another Sara(h) and I thought I had the wrong one. So I started scolding the one wearing solids who was just confused and I realized right away from their reactions that I was right the first time. So I went to the one in florals and scolded them extremely harshly. The manager came over and began defending them and I scolded the manager more harshly and told them I would be informing corporate of all of this. Then me and my date left.

We got to their place and it was extremely run down and everything was broken. I had been staying with them so Kanika was in their apartment, and when we walked in I realized there was a window open wide enough that Kanika could easily get out and I panicked, but when I called Kanika they came in from another room.

Then I went to use the toilet and realized I didn't know if there was more than one bathroom and I didn't want to poop in their private toilet, if there were two, so I went and asked my date and they knew why I was asking somehow, and said there was only one but it was okay for me to poop in it. I went in the bathroom and the toilet bowl was constantly swirling but with clean water, while a toilet bowl on the floor that had no tank or drain was full of pee and toilet paper. I was very confused and didn't know which I should use.

Then I laid down in a corner of the bathroom and fell through a false wall into another room. My date's dad was there and explained that he used a "rent a room" app to rent this place to my date at a very low price, and he would sneak in things my date needed like food, and would sneakily fix things that were broken, because otherwise they couldn't survive on the wages their horrible job paid them.

That storyline ended and I dreamed that owning a comb controlled access to resources. First mine didn't work. Then I got another set that didn't work. Then I was trying to draw one so that I could magically make it real and I kept making mistakes and being unable to draw it. It was a lot more complex than that but I forgot a lot of the dream.
Tags: dreams, dreamsymbols - lovers, dreamsymbols - magical objects, dreamsymbols - toilets, kanika

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