Belenen (belenen) wrote,

working from home exclusively now while Topaz is out of town: true alone time.

So far the only real emotional impact that being alone for the past 7 days has had on me is relief at not having to do normie social at work, and increased energy due to not spending it on acting normal, translating sound into words, and commuting.

I have been 90% digital in my social life for many years and other than Topaz, I spend in-person time with people only about twice a month (sometimes once or thrice). so this doesn't feel like a change, yet.

I am an extrovert, but because of social anxiety and my auditory processing disorder, I prefer to communicate via text. I used to have the spare cognitive processing to translate audio at a speed rapid enough to keep up with conversation, but at this point I can't do that unless people take turns talking. Usually this just means there are a lot of people who I can't connect with, because they don't like to communicate over distance.

I'm hoping that being temporarily unable to have in-person communication will lead more people to develop skills in communicating over distance. I would love to read and see more personal sharing from all of you. If you think you would like to connect more with me, please let me know.
Tags: cyber citizen, work

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