Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Kanika's naughtiness and my accidental great idea

An accidentally fantastic choice I made was putting a velcro-attached weather strip on the bottom of my bedroom door on the inside. Kanika can pull the strip back somewhat and feel like they are making progress toward getting out, so they don't scratch the door or floor or the sound-absorbing foam I have on the back of my door. It makes a super annoying noise but it is not damaging which is a huge relief.

Also this means that I know when they want to get out and when they don't. The most recent time when I had people over, I locked them in my room and they didn't ask to get out at all until the last person drove away -- then literally 30 seconds later we heard the "riiiiiiip. riiiiiiiiip" of them pulling at the velcro. I think they realized they would NOT like to be in all the hustle and bustle but they also weren't gonna tolerate being locked up any longer than necessary.
Tags: days and moments, kanika

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