Belenen (belenen) wrote,

11 types of crush

comment with your name and I will tell you if I have one of the following types of crush on you! I may add more if I think of more. DON'T REPLY IF you're not okay with me crushing on you in ALL or NONE of these okay?

1) romantic: I maybe* wanna spend time completely focused on my feelings for you and/or make you feel fully adored (OR I have felt this way in the past)
2) sexy: I maybe* wanna bite you, wrestle you, make out with you, or give you intense physical sensations
3) aesthetic: I wanna gaze at your face & take photos of you
4) cognitive/mind: I am fascinated by the way you think
5) cuddle/heart: I wanna lay around with you and share sweet pets
6) personality/soul: the way you interact with the world makes me happy
7) creative/artistic: I want to observe anything and everything you create
8) movement: I wanna watch you move, pick things up, walk, gesture
9) verbal: the way you use words makes me appreciate them in a new way
10) values: your practical applications of your ethics make me feel safer and more hopeful about life
11) style: the way you self-decorate delights me and makes me want to carefully observe your ensembles as a transitory kind of art

*these can only ever be maybes unless the other person has told me frankly that they want those things with me AND there is no worry on my part that they want/need to get more than I am wanting/able to give
Tags: facebook, facebook-first crossposts, meme, romance

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