Belenen (belenen) wrote,

ally cookies for Allison who made me her bridesminion

icon: "hopeful (close-up photo of me wearing cat-eye makeup, jewels on my cheek, and a violet glitter goatee. I'm gazing off to the side with a hopeful smile.)"

I just wanna take a moment to award some (genuine) ally cookies. My awesome friend Allison asked me to be an attendant at her wedding earlier this year. To avoid misgendering me by calling the group of us "bridesmaids," she called us "bridesminions." She informed others -- ahead of time -- that that was how they were meant to refer to us, and corrected people on my behalf. A US-style wedding is an intensely gendered ritual, yet Allison made it as painless as possible for me and I can't think of a way she could have done better. so, many thanks for being superbly kind and staunchly supportive, my friend *heartglow*
Tags: allison, facebook-first crossposts, gender

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