Belenen (belenen) wrote,

My live tweets from National Poetry Slam # nps2016 # npsdecatur

icon: "night -- atlanta (an aerial view of a city at dusk, with a sunset streaked by dark blue clouds over a black city with yellow and red lights speckled through)"

My live tweets from # nps2016 # npsdecatur
7:56 PM · "If i loved you less I could talk about it more" # npsdecatur lovin it so far
8:02 PM · "most days i set myself aflame just so i can ask if you like the color"
8:06 PM · nps2016 npsdecatur is being live-streamed!
8:21 PM · talking about trans survival, fuck, amazing work
8:54 PM · "officer simon says if you can't handle this classroom, how will you handle your jail cell"
9:13 PM · breaking down toxic masculinity and claiming softness, sharing, and authenticity as brotherhood.
9:18 PM · "my masculinity is learning to be itself and not at the expense of anyone else" FUCK YESS
9:21 PM · "how long do you think you can light our skin on fire and not feel the heat"
9:32 PM · so fucking amazing, so emotionally intense I feel sick to my stomach - in a good way.
9:36 PM · favorite moment so far: a fuck you to robert frost & Hemingway & white english teachers who elevated such tepid shit
10:23 PM · I want my marine dad and army brother to watch that last poem...
10:36 PM · "she will call her gravity love, i will call it a casket" black hole or supernova
10:50 PM · there is no worst whether you're hanging from a tree or your family tree (paraphrased) # queer # black
10:58 PM · "jim crow may have left his nest but the streets are still covered with his feathers"
11:10 PM · # nps2016 was my definition of joy: a nourishing experience that I was fully present for without effort.
Tags: facebook-first crossposts, poetry, witnessing art

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