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dreams -- killing a giant spider, a demon, and a molester

Sunday night, I dreamed that Shelob (a giant spider) was attacking me, and at first she thought I'd be an easy kill, so she fired simple strands at me. I held up my hand and said, "In Jesus' Name" and the strands piled up four inches in front of my hand and then fell back on her and hurt her. So she fired a net of web at me, which made me panic a little but I gathered myself and said, "In Jesus' Name" more forcefully, and the threads snapped from around me. Then she tried a third time, and I said "In Jesus' Name" again and used her own strands to strangle her.

Monday night, I dreamed that a succubus was trying to seduce Ben, so I took him into a separate room and shapechanged to look like him, so she'd tempt me instead, while he (who I shapechanged into a shadowy shape) snuck up behind her and killed her. It worked -- she didn't succeed in seducing me and Ben stabbed her in the back.

Last night, I dreamed that I was on friendly terms with my dad but I had to pretend to be younger and go to high school -- and some teacher tried to molest me. We were standing near stairs, so at first I tried to push him down, but he was too much larger than me. He laughed at me and came at me again, so I said to God, "Please throw him down the stairs and hurt him enough that he can't bother me." So God threw him down the stairs and he became a maimed insect that could do nothing but walk in circles.

These are in stark contrast to the dreams of being helplessly chased and attacked that I was having a few weeks ago. My spirit is coming into her strength now. ;-)
Tags: b - ex-partner, biofamily, deities, dreams

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