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photoshoot with Vincent / graveyard gothic

I was so looking forward to this photoshoot, and it bored me to pieces. (and it is so hard to bore me!) He gave me no direction whatsoever -- I like loose photographers, but not ones that give me no clue what they want. He didn't even bother to say, "I like that" or "change this" -- just waited until I did something he liked and pushed the button. That's a lazy photographer. One who doesn't try for any arrangement -- he might as well be shooting candids. AND we just didn't click, so I couldn't relax enough to do whatever I wanted -- neither of us was overly pleased. He was a nice person, but I didn't like his style at all.

Nonetheless, we managed to get some good shots and I look forward to seeing them. (he said he'll mail me the rough CD next week, and then "perfect" 20-30 shots that I choose)

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