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No internet at home / Kristy's here! / Rebecca's upset

Sorry for the occasional bursts of posting lately; my internet at home got messed up somehow, and I have to save entries to disk and post them later, on someone else's connection. That's also why I haven't commented lately, but when I get more than five minutes of internet time I will. (Especially to that one phrankenstyne put behind a cut -- I haven't read it yet but I want to give it full attention.) I'm thinking of all you FL people, and prayin' too!

Kristy's here! My friend and cousin-in-law from Florida evacuated for the hurricane and will be here until Monday, at least. Ben and I went over to his 'rents house to visit today, had dinner and just hung out. After I arrived, Rebecca and her friends Alice and Trevor showed up, and wanted to take Kristy rock-climbing and bowling (they extended the invite to me, since I was there). I didn't want to go, and said so by showing no interest. The subject was dropped for dinner, and afterward Kristy and Rebecca and I went to Rebecca's room (Kristy was changing clothes). Suddenly Rebecca says, "So now that Kristen's here, you don't want to go, right?" (hurt bitterness dripped from a benign tone) Kristy protested that she didn't feel like being among Alice and Trevor, who are strangers and not her type of people (also the main reason I didn't want to go); but it was easy to read Rebecca's mind saying, "riiiiiight." So Rebecca and her crew went, and ya-ya, Kristy and I got frostys (a tradition) and watched a silly movie ("Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" -- worth watching once for the sake of Lindsey Lohan's character). (wow, lots of parenthesis in that last paragraph)

Earlier in the day Miss K had also expressed a desire to have Kristy all to "the family." But I am not so easily maneuvered or disuaded. I will have time with Kristy, who is as legitimately mine as she is theirs, and I will not be rude or selfish, but I will not back down, either. Kristy is important to me, and she wants time with just me, and she shall have it! Preferably at the Woodstock Coffeehouse (I so love that place -- and their coffee prices are better than Starbucks).

And just because I must: C. J. Cherryh is a scintillatingly powerful writer.
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