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time with Kristy! / Rebecca & Trevor / photos with the Birdman Fan Club

After church today I took Kristy to the drive-through Starbucks (all day she told everybody she had a hot date tonight, heh heh) and we took our drinks to the parking lot and sat in Sylvia and talked for... about 2.5 hours, I guess. We talked about everything, everything. She's the first person who doesn't read my journal that I told about my new-found scars... and she understands. She's had similar experiences. It is so awesome, really -- we've seen each other less than a month of our lives if you count every day (and we never keep in touch in-between), yet we can get together and bare our hearts so easily with each other. She's such a beautiful, loving person -- and she's the least-inhibited physical touch person I've met, which delights me no end. We watched a movie sharing the recliner the other day -- comfortably, not holding ourselves stiff to keep from invading the other person's personal space. I love that! And she's a nakedness addict too; there's a nude beach near where she lives in FL that she loves and we're going to go when I visit her next. ;-)
So we basically filled each other in on the last two years of our respective lives (we've both gone through massive changes and growth)... and talked about her moving to GA -- she keeps saying she really wants to, but I don't know if she will... it'd be a huge change, and she and her mom are really close -- and I don't know if her mom would move. Anyway, it felt so wonderful to spend time with her... I don't know how to describe it. I think we'd be together all the time if we lived near to each other. Like, not go two days without at least talking on the phone.
We think a lot alike too -- she told me that she was listening to what I was saying, thinking, "I know, I've thought/felt the exact same thing!" She said I'm very special to her 'cause of the easy honesty thing, which made me happy.

She feels the same way I do about Rebecca -- that Kristy's just gone through stuff that has made her grow and change, and Rebecca seemingly hasn't, and that makes a chasm in the relationship. And Rebecca spends so much time with Trevor -- a stranger with whom Kristy and I have nothing in common -- that we feel phased out. Kristy was a little hurt/bothered/offended that Rebecca hasn't spent any time with her this weekend -- she's been on the phone with Trevor, out with Trevor, or home hanging out with Trevor. I don't understand why, unless she just feels awkward around me/Kristy/both and wants to escape. As far as my feelings, Trevor bores me (as only normal people can) and I feel alienated from Rebecca just 'cause she's so fond of him. I kinda want to get to know him better so I can see what she sees in him, but I'm afraid that I'll get myself tangled in a relationship with a moderately-shallow person -- and I am 99% sure that Rebecca is far more closed off than she used to be. I want to be friends with her -- but not if I have to pry her kicking and screaming out of her shell.

The Four took photos tonight that are absolutely hilarous -- even camera-hating Rebecca (who just got braces) consented to be in them. I'll post them soon! ;-)
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