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kristy and I are so alike...

Kristy was visiting Aunt Betty most of the day, but when she came back we (Kristy, myself, elya, Tony, Alex, and Sadie) played loaded questions, which was so much fun! And Tony and Alex (Kristy's brothers) kept getting Kristy's and my answers mistaken for each others'... even her brothers can't tell our brains apart. ;-) She commented on how how well I knew her and how well she knew me. At one point she was spinning this tray on the table, which annoyed me, so I moved it out of her reach. She was amused that I actually took action, which pleases me 'cause it means that she likes it that I am a direct, take-action type of personality.

And Kristy's favorite color is purple!!! I was so delighted -- I happen to believe that a person's favorite color says much about who they are. If you are new to my journal, take the colors poll and I'll tell you what it says about you.

Then we took more pictures and giggled like crazy -- I brought them to post but the CD I saved them on won't work, so I'll have to try later.

Kristy and I are ♥-sisters!
Tags: ex-in-laws, kristy, spirit connections

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