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40 day liquid-only fast --- Day 1

Pastor John called for a 40-day fast for himself and whoever would join him, and I felt God calling me to do it -- so I've been planning on this since January. This morning I woke up and all I could think about was all the foods I can't eat for 40 days -- in particular, chips and salsa. That's my favorite food, and for once we actually have some tortilla chips sitting in the pantry. *pout*

But I got up and drank some spicy V8, and the mental whining stopped.

During these 40 days I'm going to be doing a lot of praying... I haven't yet made my list (got distracted with Kristy) but I expect an awesome change in myself and some of my friends' lives. If any of you have requests, just comment with them or add them to this poll that only I can read:
Poll #346874 prayer requests

scribble here:

About 450 (1/4th of the church) are also fasting and praying, for our church, our country, and our own lives... this is going to be powerful.
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