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Kaylene emailed me!!!

Hello, sweetie. How are you? I am sorry that I haven't talked to you in a while, but things have been in complete disarray over the past few months. Josh and I have broken up, and I am now living with my grandmother in McDonough. I no longer have a job, and I still don't have a car. The good news is that my family is being very supportive, and everyone is helping me to get things back in order. So life is not really bad, because I can see a bright future.
Anyway, I heard that you and Ben moved. Where to? Are you living alone, or do you have roommates? How's married life? Hehe.... Ok, I can't talk long, write me back, but remember that I don't get to check my e-mails very often, so I might not get back to you for a while, but I WILL get back to you....Lots of Love, Kaylene........

Oh happy happy me, I am not forgotten!!!

Maybe I will make a trip to see her soon -- that would be sososososo awesome. I miss her all the time.
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