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photos -- the Birdman Fan Club! Weee!

So, here are the promised photos:

That would be (5'3")Kristy, borrowing (6')elya's legs.

...and elya borrowing Kristy's legs!

Kristy channeling a spider (she was going for a faraway look but couldn't help giggling) and borrowing elya's legs again.

Kristy and elya showing some cleavage!

Kristy trying to look sad about being parted from me... and everybody else trying to make her laugh.

She manages the crushed look.

My sister-in-law Sadie saying "I don't want you to take a picture of me!"

The Birdman Fan Club!!!

And The Birdman Fan club being their normal selves.

Kristy and I! awwww
Tags: elya, ex-in-laws, kristy, rebecca

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