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Hya's girl!

oh yeah, I bought Hya a girlfriend! (like two weeks ago) For the first five days I put them in the vase in separate gallon ziplock bags (open at the top since bettas breathe air) and let them get used to the idea of sharing the space... at first she was really agressive -- she bit the bag so hard it made a stretchmark in the plastic -- but after a few days she calmed down. I added them together and at first they ignored each other. Then she started going up to him, just looking at him up close, and he'd shy off. Eventually I suppose he got annoyed and chased her around and bit her top fin, so after a few hours of checking to see if he'd quit, I put him in a quart bag in the corner of the vase, with barely enough water to turn around in. I lectured him on not biting his playmate, and left him in there overnight. He was very unhappy. But she's so infatuated with him that she squeezed her little self up between the bag and the glass, with just enough room to move her gills, and stayed next to him. Eventually I got worried that she was stuck, so I shook the bag and she dropped out, but swam up next to the bag.
Next day I put Hya back in, and he chased her and chased her, but didn't cause any more damage to her fins, so I left them together and Ben and I went out for the day. When we came back, they were so cuddly it was adorable. They were swimming slowly around, so close they were touching. If fish can have blissful looks, they did. Ben and I decided that they must have worked it out... ;-)
Since then they've pretty much gotten along -- Hya still chases her, but not aggressively, and he doesn't bite.

I can't think of a name for her though. I wanted to name her Mimosa, but she's so fiesty! What is a flower name that sounds fiesty??? And goes with her colors?

Poll #350809 Hya's girl

What should I name her?

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