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dream (eve and I at the beach)

I dreamed that I was at the beach with Ben and the cousins (Pagliaris), just running all over the place. Everything was intense green -- the air, the sky, the sand, the water -- as if the light was green. At one point I started to sing, very loudly but beautifully, and then realized what I was doing and stopped to think about that. Eve, who had been a little ways down the beach, came up to me (she had green hair and a green two-piece) and hugged me and lowered me to the ground, laying on top of me. We just hugged for a minute, then she put her mouth on mine. I was a little startled until I realized she was giving me her chewing gum -- it was still full of flavor so I took it. Then she murmured something to me about not worrying about it, and began stroking my throat to get me to swallow it. I realized she was testing me, so I maneuvered my tongue to keep from swallowing it, and when I felt a small string of it start to stretch down my throat I rolled her off of me, stopping her from stroking my throat. I sprang up and blew a bubble to show I still had the gum, and she was impressed. So we ran off and played tag.

It left a pleasant feeling in my mind; there was nothing hidden between us and we were close friends. Since I get that feeling so rarely, it makes my whole day lovely -- even when it comes from a dream about someone I'm not close with at all.
Tags: dreams, those passing through

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