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fishie name / gothic-type photos

I love both "Snapdragon" and "Tangelo", so I went for the name that'll shorten easily. So girl-fishie's name is Tangelo! I'll prob'ly call her Gely or Gelo for short. Hya and Gely... Hyacinthe and Tangelo... anyway. I wish I could show you guys how Gely dotes on Hya! He's not quite so fascinated with her, but he likes her well enough. It's so cuuuuute to see her snuggle up with him. They play tag all the time -- and sometimes she's the chaser. She fans out her tiny little gills and runs at him, and he scoots off, turns around, and comes back after her. Yes, I am fascinated with my fishies.

on another note, I'm a showoff. So here's some photos from the last photoshoot:
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