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Sylvia, my beloved car... through the stupidest of circumstances, broke

okay, if you've been reading me for a while you know I'm crazy about my car, Sylvia. Well, we asked for a total check-up, but apparently we weren't clear enough, 'cause they didn't check everything and the day we got her back the timing belt broke.

Which means she needs a new engine. Which is more than we can afford. So we'll be driving Sheridan, Ben's car, who is in serious need of repair (yet runs).

Beth (PJ's wife) gave a definition for an idol: something (besides God) that you feel you have to have. I realized that Sylvia was an idol, by that definition, and decided that whatever the case was (this was before we knew the diagnosis) I was going to trust God. So I'm not happy, but I'm not freaking out either. I do, however, have that horrible nagging feeling that if I had just been more thorough, they'd have checked and found the damn thing.

That's absolutely the worst feeling!
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