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now I'm dying of curiosity... / jewelry / life

In that post where I asked you all to describe me to a stranger, I said do it anonymously so you could be just as honest as you pleased -- and say less-than-positive things if you desired. Now I'm going crazy with curiosity... but only four of you have responded. Keep in mind, you can say whatever you want. click click! I suspect I shall beg some of you to tell me who you are.

In other news, I've been making a ton of earrings -- and two new necklaces -- and I created some new designs. They aren't uploaded yet though.

The fast is going okay -- Ty has been out of town, so we haven't gotten together yet, but knowing that I have a partner helps me to be more focused. I've been praying more, yay! Quite a few of you are on my list, 'cause I love ya. I think I'll post it soon. Other than that, my life's been fairly uneventful... I will probably try to get a job very soon; difficult with one car, but I'm just sick of feeling all the condemnation. I'm waiting until I'm fully convinced that God wants me to get a job right now... I really really don't want to, 'cause I've never had a pleasant job experience and I just dread the mindlessness; at this point I wouldn't put up with an abusive boss, whether he restrained himself around me or not. (that sentence was nearly incomprehensible, sorry)

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