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a week to move out, thanks to the 'neighbors'

This is getting freakin' ridiculous. First, Sylvia goes to the shop 'cause she stalled on the side of the road; then the day after we have her back, supposedly all fixed up, the timing belt breaks, destroying the engine; then Sheridan's battery melts and we replace it; and today, we learn that we have a week to find another place to live.

A week.... and this isn't due to the man we are renting from (who was very kind and said we could store our stuff for up to a month, no charge, if we want) -- oh no, this is due to the people who live in this neighborhood... who contacted the owner of the house and told her that John was subleting to us, which is apparently against neighborhood regulations.


Y'know, maybe I should stop praying so strenuously for faith... I suspect God's way of building faith is to let you go through trials and come out unscathed... and then maybe next time you'll not panic. I'm actually not paniking at all, partly because the other day Ben and I drove past a sign that said "Apartment for rent" and I very strongly felt that we should look into it. I dismissed the idea -- hey, our living arrangements are just fine... but I do remember the phone number. That was God trying to warn me, and even though I only realize it now, it comforts me. He's looking out for me. ;-)

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