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20 down, 20 to go -- my prayer list

Today's the halfway point of the fast... This past week has been much better, spiritually. It really helps to have Ty partnering with me.

Prayer list for the 40 day fast:

myself -- continue to heal me; develop my faith; give me more love for and understanding of the Word; help me to love and be confident of my body; bless my jewelry business; give me more love for you; teach me how to hear you more easily and confidently; heal my bitterness over Paula; heal my wounds from Paula; help me to stay in the Wynne's lives without bruising my heart.

sciethen -- intensify his love for you; give him a passion for the Word; develop his faith; teach him to trust you more; bless his writing, let him be inspired and passionate; bless him with more more joy/satisfaction in his job.

the World -- kill the porn industry; reveal the truth about homosexuality in a powerful, undeniable way; send healing to those who need it; end the cycles of abuse.

Liberty Church -- bring an explosion of college-age students who are passionately in love with God; let interracial friendships grow and help new ones be made; instill more passion in everyone.

Kristy -- bring her healing; let her begin to trust you more; give her a stronger friendship with me; show her the best paths, and give her the courage to follow them.

Kaylene -- guidance; show her your hand in her life; provide a way for her to get counseling by Elijah House; let me be a blessing to her.

Angelina Jolie and Maddox -- bless them; bring Angelina healing; show me what to pray.

jedibubbles -- help her to follow you; help her to learn to trust you and be able to let go of worry; show her just how awesome she is and help her to believe it.

Michael B. -- comfort him; show him your love; give him the strength to believe.

genesiskenshin -- show her the truth about you; let me show her your love; bless her.

anar_anar -- bless this wonderful girl who lives so honestly; show her your love; bring her healing; bless her friendships, especially with Sheri.

shaybe -- comfort her, reach into her life in a powerful way and move Amber (and any other hindrances) out of the way so that she can feel welcome in her adopted family again; give everyone in that situation the courage to confront each other with their feelings; show Shaybe her worth; bring trustworthy people into her life; let her feel safe.

evileve -- give her a stable place to live, with trustworthy people; bless her relationships with Lily and Scourge; bless her finances and school; let her find an enjoyable part-time job.

Lily -- bless her; keep her safe; let her know how much she is loved.

scourge -- make his healing quicker; bless his kids; bless his relationship with Eve.

eminem -- make yourself real to him; guard him from apathy; bring him to know you.

my friend -- pour your presence into her life; let her be blessed in astonishing ways; help her to grow in you; strengthen her gifts; bring her into my life!

the Wynnes -- help Paula learn to trust; convict Paula to accept William as her son (not just stepson); let Risa bond this family in a beautiful way.

the Storeys -- Help Bob grow stronger and Mary more open and vulnerable; break down the lies that guard Mary's life; give Bob courage to leave his job and start this new life; bring them both closer to you.

Adrienne -- bless her relationship with Jeremy; bless her baby; bring her closer to you; give her peace and a sense of belonging.

darkpool -- give her peace about her parent's divorce; comfort her; guard her from being drawn into arguments or made into a conflict; bless her in her classes.


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