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full moon / wonderful day with Kimmi / DISC personalities

Full moon days are always awesome for me: today was no exception. I had such a wonderfully fun day!

Kim, a woman from my church, took me out for the day, just to hang out. We went to lunch (at a place where they graciously pureed our soups for us) and talked for four hours straight -- and we've never had a conversation before. It was awesome... we talked about counseling (she's just now starting sessions with Richard and Virginia) and Costa Rica and how we both want to learn to speak Spanish and how our marriages are going (her marriage is only a little older than mine) and how we were raised and what our relationships with God are like.... and I told her about the first time I heard from God. I was writing a "letter" to him in my journal, asking questions -- and I heard the answers and wrote them down as I went along -- and those answers I haven't really wavered in faith about. They were so clear, 'cause when I'm writing my spirit is open, I can sense things better, and my mind is focused, so it doesn't get all fuzzy and doubtful. When I was telling her this, I realized that, as usual, I had gotten impatient with the method that really works for me, and had tried to just hear, 'like other people do,' and had stopped talkin' to him with my journal. I decided that I really should start scribble-to-God journaling again.

She was very excited about that idea, so when we left she drove us over to Barnes and Noble to buy a journal, and insisted on buying one for me too -- she wanted to buy me two! -- and ended up buying one for me and three for herself. I told her I have two partially-filled journals at home already, but she said she wanted us to do this together. ;-)

From there we went to Java & Juice Smoothie and both ordered peanut butter smoothies, which we tucked into her purse to sneak into the theatre -- where we saw "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" 'cause she likes Angelina Jolie too. That movie wasn't as bad as I had expected; it was quite engrossing in parts, once you accepted the idea of futuristic science set in the 50s. (I think it was the 50s... I'm not that great at dating styles) Angelina has a bit part, barely five full minutes of screen time, but in watching Gweneth Paltrow act I discovered that she's pretty good -- you have to be to portray a character of any depth in a movie with so much suspension of logic. And I don't know what his name is, but the guy who plays Dex is an awesome actor. I really like him.

Anyway, we had so much fun... we're so different though. I'm a short, pale, curvy Georgian; she's a tallish, black, slender New Yorkan... and she's about eighteen years older than I am. Yet we click. I just love her personality; besides her generosity (she paid for everything the whole day) she's just so excitable! I love it when I can talk about something that I love and the listener gets excited for my sake, even when it has nothing to do with them.


I'm constantly tempted to use personality abbreviations, so let me explain them so I can start using them.

D -- extrovert, task-oriented; they're great leaders, but tend to be controlling; determined, blunt, bossy, courageous, hard-working; pragmatic to the point of being emotionless. Not very creative; if it isn't productive in terms of their primary goal, why do it? D's are extremely hard to influence, because they see themselves as having it all together.
I -- extrovert, people-oriented; excitable, happy, optimistic, emotional, loving, tend to be sloppy; hard-working but with a short attention span. Very creative, in a loosely styled way; abstract painting, for instance. I's don't like structure; it's more fun to color all over the paper than just inside the lines. I's are easily swayed by popular opinion, because they care what everybody thinks.
S -- introvert, people-oriented; calm, quiet, patient, loyal, supportive, tend to be lazy; slow to get moving, but has more endurance once started. Not all that creative; likes to follow the norm, and do whatever is popular at the moment. S's are easily swayed, but only by the opinions of those they respect.
C -- introvert, task-oriented; perfectionist, cautious, intense (often obsessive), likes to be alone; driven; tends to be critical of those who aren't as careful and perfect; the most dedicated worker of all personalities. Very creative, in a structured way; creating computer programs, for instance. C's are not easy to influence; only those who seem to have a more perfect, hard-working life than their own can sway them.

I'm a DICs. My D, I, and C are pretty much tied, but my D and C tend to overwhelm my I. It's still there though!

So anyway, Kimmi is an I, with a little D and a little S thrown in, not much C. I's are so much fun to be around; I find them invigorating and encouraging. I'm delighted to add another I to my list of cool people.
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