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design a necklace for me!

If I were to make you a free necklace/earring set, (note the IF) what would you want? I need some inspiration, please be a wonderfully generous human being and design one for me! (it's easy!)

First, choose a design:

...origin-waterstar designs...
The Sara
necklace design-Sara
The elya
necklace design-elya
The Adrienne
necklace design-Adrienne
The Eternal*
necklace design-Eternal
The Shaybe
necklace design-Shaybe
The Belenen
necklace design-Belenen
The Kaylene
necklace design-Kaylene
The Donnis
necklace design-Donnis
The Jolie
necklace design-Jolie
The Eve
necklace design-Eve
The Allison
necklace design-Allison
The Tahereh
necklace design-Tahereh
The New Moon
necklace design-NewMoon
The Full Moon
necklace design-FullMoon
The Cara
necklace design-Cara
The Paula
necklace design-Paula
The Spider*
necklace design-Spider
The Sadie*
necklace design-Sadie
The Rebecca*
necklace design-Rebecca
The Sylvia*
necklace design-Sylvia
The Princess
necklace design-Princess
The Queen
necklace design-Queen
The Empress
necklace design-Empress

Then, choose a color scheme:

          Dark Rainbow
          High Contrast

(green, tan, brown, slate)
(blue, green, white, violet)
(red, orange, gold, crystal)
(pale blue, white, crystal)
(dark purple, dark green, garnet, black)
(vibrant colors, silver, black)
(emerald, turquoise, carnelian, gold)
(black, brown, gold, sand)
(all pastels, opaque, bubble finish)
(all colors, translucent, bubble finish)
(black or blue, opaque, bubble finish)
(black & white; purple & yellow; blue & orange)
(red & green; black & gold; red, white, & blue)
(1-3 colors you choose, or made to match an outfit)

Then give me three words to describe the attitude of the necklace: (like dangerous, cute, delicate, etc. (not quite such a blend of attitudes please))

Now just enter it here:
Poll #358520 necklace design

like this : Belenen, Nile, eclectic, spiky, lots of green


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