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dream (about bombs, children, strangeness)

I dreamed that I was at a gathering of Christians, and there was a lady with a little boy in a stroller. Suddenly her cell phone began to ring, so she pushed the stroller up against the couch so it wouldn't roll, and hurried out the door -- as if for a very important and private conversation. Instantly I knew that there was a bomb in the stroller, and I snatched it up and ran out of the house with it. After I got down the porch, I grabbed the little boy from the stroller and tossed the stroller over the edge of the cliff (this house was on a steep mountain). A little girl was following me, so I handed her the little boy and picked her up, running from the explosion. I ran and ran and suddenly felt a strong urge from God to stop, and I stopped, right on the edge of a cliff, with a tree to sit in. Then I realized that the little boy's toy was also a bomb, and I snatched it and threw it over the edge of the cliff, where it exploded below. We sat still for a little while, because we wanted to be sure that the situation was safe when we got back to the house. As we sat, we saw a herd of horses come into view, frolicking -- and they were Akhal-Tekes -- glimmering gold, silver, and copper.

Before this there was history in the house -- three children, the oldest a boy my age, his parents' "perfect" child, another a 12-yr-old boy, another a girl who was about 16 but was the size of a 6-yr-old. This girl was the parents' deep dark secret... she was embarrassing to them, which I couldn't understand, since she was very intelligent and just a beautiful creature (she was the young girl who followed me in the later part of the dream). I spent a lot of time talking to her. The 12-yr-old boy nobody mentioned -- it was as if they had all forgotten he existed, in their preoccupation with hiding the girl and taking pride in the oldest boy (who was very insecure and flighty, but charming). I spoke with the twelve year old for a while too, which he found comforting. I don't remember how the dream transitioned between the parts.
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