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dream (eve and I at church, helping her heart to heal)

God had called me to go to church full of old people. I thought he must want me to help him open their minds to how widely he can work, so I danced during worship. It turned out that this was Eve's grandparents' church, and for some reason she had decided to visit one of the mornings I was there. She was hurting, and asked me to explain how God could heal her. I explained how and why Jesus died and how we live by grace and not under the law, and she prayed to receive him, and then she asked me to help her pray for God to heal her heart. So we prayed for a long time over many things, especially the occult stuff, and I literally saw her heart in pieces, each piece encased in a clear saran-wrap-ish orb. As we prayed over each thing, I took each piece in my hands and burst the casing to release that part of her heart. When we were finally finished, we put the parts all back inside her body, and then I just held her in my lap as I sat on the floor, and I hugged her and loved her, and we both cried. During this whole thing I felt her feelings very strongly, though not as strongly as she did, of course.

I love Eve so much, so very very much. If I were her, I wouldn't believe it, so I don't talk about it (which is why I made this post private) because I don't want to scare her. But I pray that she will be healed, that she'll come to love God, that she will trust me, and that we will become friends. She's a part of my heart.
Tags: deities, dreams, those passing through

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