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gaps in my calendar / apology for judging

Here's why I haven't posted in so long:

We got kicked out of our house because subleting is against subdivision regs, which we didn't know (but will be checking from now on if we ever sublet again!); packed everything in two days; stayed in a hotel for two nights while waiting to see if we were approved for the apartment we wanted; a friend of Ben's mom offered to let us stay with them for a week or so and we took her up on it; found out that we were approved, and paid the deposit; we will be able to move in on Monday or Tuesday.

During all this I have been sick with what I think is bronchitis -- and it hasn't gone away yet, probably 'cause of all the stress. I've been improving slowly but steadily (the first two days I couldn't even sit up for very long), and last time I had bronchitis my superhuman constitution booted it out without medicine -- but I dunno. My cough seems deeper today... I might end up going to the doctor.

I can't wait to get settled in the new apartment -- imagine, a kitchen to my own self! Yay!


Through some people I respect, God's been showing me that I've been judgemental in my journal. This is not something I wanted to hear -- I want to be a person who other people think of as very NOT judgemental. Anyway, I wanted to apologize to all you who read my journal, and just say that I will try to
1) refrain from casting judgements on people; and
2) guard against complaining in general -- it's useless and depressing.

I still intend to state my feelings about things that happen in my life; I will just be more careful not to say things like, "Because this person did _____, they are _____." Please don't expect me to be perfect, but feel free to comment if something I say strikes you as judgemental.
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