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someone left this in my guestbook....

Name: anonymous
Date: Fri Sep 24 08:25:38 EDT 2004
Thoughts: are those pictures really of you? dont you think you should loose a little wheight?

My first thought was to delete it, but on analyzing it I thought that the person must be young, with all the grammar and spelling mistakes, and honestly wondering if I was satisfied with my body. Plus, the first sentence seems admiring... so I ended up adding this reply:

note to soccerpru: Yes, the photos are of me; and no, I'm at the perfect weight for my age and height, and I prefer to be healthy rather than underweight.

If in fact the questioner was a young girl, like I think, then I hope she came back to see my response, and I hope she's at least a tiny bit influenced toward a healthy view of a woman's body.

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