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why I love Allison

Allison = jedibubbles

Allison is an extremely talented artist and a wonderfully passionate person. Her energy is contagious, and I love being around her because she gives me a fresh love for life, and she's very inspiring. After being around her I either want to dance or write -- her creativity just flows all over the place! For some reason some people find her tiring -- my theory on this is that they are boring people whose creativity is buried so deep that being around her only stirs up frustration at their state of stagnancy. Allison's also fairly open-minded, despite her conservative upbringing.

Other things I love about her:

-----She hates coffee. Now, I adore coffee and at two of the local ★bucks all the baristas know me and have my favorites memorized, so I can't comprehend how any human can not love coffee. But it makes her different, and I love that.
-----Her body language is so expressive. Really, she doesn't even hafta talk; if you just watch her facial expression and her hand motions you'll understand what she's feeling/thinking.
-----She's tiny-tiny and cutesy! I'll admit it, I have a superficial streak -- I pick friends that I like to look at. (either that or I just always like to look at the friends that I pick) She's petite and feminine and pretty, with curly hair, big blue eyes, tiny hands, and an adorable/sexy body (yes, that combination is possible).
-----She squeals when she's excited.
-----She's not afraid to act crazy in public.
-----She can whip up a costume from a design -- no pattern necessary! (I wish I had enough money to tempt her to sqander time making stuff for me)
-----She understands why a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby MUST last at least an hour, or it doesn't count.
-----She's willing to try new things.
-----She can admit when she's wrong, with fair grace.
-----She gave me the absolute bestest bestest present that I've ever received. (it was for Ben's and my wedding) This present was a watercolor of a red dragonfly with gorgeous lettering... saying our names, the date, and lyrics from Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" (which I was supposed to walk down the aisle to, but we couldn't find the CD at the last minute and ended up using the Cranberries' "Dreams"). All of that she did herself. You can see it here, but that was before she added the lettering, and it isn't very hi-res. Hopefully I can scan my copy and upload it at some point. The Dragonfly represents Ben, and it's red 'cause of the "Legend of the Red Dragonfly," a short story I wrote. So awesome.
-----She spent hours helping me pack up stuff to move into Ben's and my abode -- and this when she was already very tired. That really meant a lot to me.
-----She loves sci-fi/fantasy, and will converse animatedly for hours on any related topic!

-----She loves me back.
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