Belenen (belenen) wrote,

description of character

a fae/human mix
short, body like mine:
with eyes like this:
pupils like this:
eyebrows like this:
the rest of the face like mine:
eye color: green -- the outer iris is a brighter green
hair: black with curly tendrils around the face, in a ponytail with many braids that stop being braided at her shoulder blades, and fall wavy to below her waist.
skin color: very pale
hands and feet: tiny and stubby
ears: pointed, but just a little-- about half an inch longer than human ears.

She wears a dark green lace-up corset/vest, an ankle-length black skirt with a leather long-fringed belt (, a leather pouch attached to the belt, barefoot thongs (, and a simple silver ring with a large emerald. She also carries a whip.

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