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yesterday's feelings/ random bampard

Yesterday, when I found out about the car thing, it just broke me... I suppose I was really fragile and didn't notice... anyway, my deep despair feelings weren't in proportion to the events, and I'd think about the actual events and how it was not the end of the world, and I'd wonder why my heart was hurting so badly... I'm still not sure why, and I still have a parts of those feelings cluttering my heart. There's something subconsciously painful; maybe I'm working through some stuff subconsciously. Anyway...

If you're new to my journal (or if you just haven't done it), please sign my guestbook!

If you know me in real life and you have read a significant amount of my journal or plan to keep up with it in the future, please comment to this entry so I know who you are. I consider it just polite to tell me if you're gonna read my journal.

Also, my community __fantasynovel now has 120 members! After only 5.5 months! And it's active with cool people... I'm so proud of it.

And jedibubbles, go here and post about some authors, yo!


A week from today is my 2nd birthday -- I'll be 6 years old! *dances* Ha ha, Christians get to have two birthdays! ;-)

Oh yeah, the night I decided to throw myself whole-heartedly into following God was a full moon, on a Friday the 13th, very close to midnight, with a black cat in the room! 'Cause my God talks to me in ways that would scare fundamentalists.

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