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kimmi & julius visit

Kimmi and Julius treated us to dinner before they came over to our apartment. I felt weird, 'cause when she asked if we wanted to go out to eat with them I said that we couldn't afford it, but they could go out and come over afterwards -- but she really wanted us to go with them so they paid. I am never able to gracefully accept stuff like that... my dad's "never let on that money is tight" example is still deeply ingrained in me, I'm afraid.

Anyway, they came over and saw our apartment... Julius was tired, so he didn't say much, but Kimmi was as loquacious as ever -- I love that woman! She's so awesome! She told us this story of how she shot an intruder when she was 19 (she was the only one home and she defended herself -- gave him both barrels in the knee and pret' near blew his leg off. She's brave... apparently the guy was a rapist/murderer/robber -- I'm so glad she got him thrown in jail. Kimmi's a cop now.

I get a very brotherly feeling from Julius, and of course I love Kimmi, and my reserved husband even had fun hanging out with them (he's the type that hates being around people he doesn't know well). I think the four of us will end up pretty close... now we just have to go get Boggle Deluxe to play next time.

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