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heather and rebecca inviting me / (wrnng:sx)

Weird. Yesterday Heather (Ben's co-worker's girlfriend, our neighbor) stopped by and invited me to go out to lunch with her but I didn't 'cause it caught me too off guard... and she was leaving right then, I didn't want to make her wait for me to get ready. I felt uneasy about it afterwards, 'cause she's kinda shy and it was really generous... but oh well. I can't afford it right now anyway, and I certainly don't want to make her feel obligated to pay for me. I hope she asks me some other time.

Then today Rebecca and Trevor stopped by on the way to El Ranchero's (my favorite restaurant ever) and offered to take me, but I couldn't go 'cause Ben and I had to do car stuff and he was going to be home in about 30 minutes, and of course the money thing again. But I was flattered about that too.


Oh yeah, and I made up for yesterday. I couldn't sleep, so I woke Ben and asked him if I could jill off... and he offered to make love to me, so we had sweet sleepy love, and he went back to sleep. I fell asleep a while later. My wonderful husband, sacrificing sleep for my pleasure. ;-)

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