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I'm not the hold-your-hair-back-while-you-puke type.

Ben was feeling sick today, so when he came home on lunch I made him some hot soup and spoon-fed some of it to him. After about ten spoons he threw up -- fortunately I'd already gotten him something to throw up in. Anyway, he starts puking and I run away and hold my ears, 'cause if I hear someone retching I will throw up. I felt really bad about it, and I brought him tissue to wipe his mouth with... I just can't handle that sound! And yet if I'm throwing up, I will cry if no one's there with me (fortunately I very rarely get sick) -- it matters a lot to me for someone to be there. But Ben will just have to take care of the kids when they're puking, 'cause I'll either scare them by puking too or I'll leave them to fend for themselves.

My mom always used to hold my hair and pet my back when I was pukey... I hope my kids don't feel as lonely as I did when my mom decided I was old enough to puke alone.... maybe I'll change by the time I have kids.

Oh yeah, and after throwing up Ben was completely fine, so no huggles needed. ;-)

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